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Voter I.D. a manipulation
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Dear Editor:

Voter fraud is almost non-existent in the State of  Wisconsin. Anyone who says otherwise, please ask them for the supporting data. 

However,  Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature must think  this is a serious issue that had to be addressed as quickly as possible. Why else was voter I.D. registration rushed through the legislature so fast and signed into law by Scott Walker this past May?

The Division of Motor Vehicles offices has announced that it will need to expand services due to Voter I.D. Registration. Are you interested in the cost of this?

It’s $6 million in the first year and $4 million each year thereafter.  Now, why on earth is the state spending this amount of money on an almost non-existent issue in our state? Is this what you call fiscal responsibility? 

If this expenditure worries you or you’re questioning why Voter I.D. had to be rushed through at lightning speed, maybe it’s time to give your State Senator or Assembly person a call.  Who are my legislators?  

Use this site to find out. All you have to do is punch in your street address and city, and the names and office phone numbers come up for the legislators  in your district.   

All of our elected officials need to be held accountable on how they cast their votes, and questioning them on their votes is part of what we call democracy in this country. Our legislators are only accountable to us, their constituents, the people who vote them in and out of office.  They do not answer to the Governor, the political party they are affiliated with, or the people that pour the big money into their campaigns. We are their bosses, and they all probably need this reminder at times. 

Critics of this bill claim that the new voting restrictions disenfranchise minorities, students, the poor and the elderly – all groups that tend to vote Democratic. Would Scott Walker and our state legislature really spend all this money just to disenfranchise voters?

If there is extra money to be spent on preserving the integrity of our elections,  why don’t we start with  each county in our state being uniform in how votes are counted?

And it might be a good idea to start with Waukesha County.    

-Nan Judge-Schulz - Reedsburg