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R.J. Sports Scoreboard - 04/20/17
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Wednesday Night Ladies
Wednesday, April 5
High Individual Game: Deena Ray Gabel, 223; Tami Winters, 203; Deb Raymond, 189.
High Individual Series: Deena Ray Gabel, 577; Deb Raymond, 514; Amy Mullikin, Tami Winters, 508.
High Team Game: Rielly Family Farm, 651; Legends, 639; Fay Willow Farms, 620.
High Team Series: Legends, 1828; Rielly Family Farm, 1783; Fay Willow Farms, 1744.
2nd-Half Winner: Legends. 2nd-Half High Game: Deena Ray Gabel & Tammy White; 2nd-Half High Series: Tami Winters.

City League
Thursday, April 13
High Individual Game: Lance Butson, 299; Randy Raymond, 258; Mark McKillip, 237.
High Individual Series: Lance Butson, 661; Nick Ruf, 652; Mark McKillip, 646.
High Team Game: Avon Locker Plant, 1076; Smith Family Farms, 998; Darlington Dairy Supply, 978.
High Team Series: Avon Locker Plant, 2886; Smith Family Farms, 2858; Johnson Lawn Care, 2831.