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R.J. Sports Scoreboard - 07/20/17
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Men’s Golf League
July 17
    Bryan Black’s night got off to a slow start with a bogey on #1, and then he watched his drive on #3 bounce down the road toward town. While the average golfer would’ve chalked it up to a bad night and taken whatever the golf Gods dished out, Bryan proceeded to hole out in three more shots for a bogey 5, and then played the next six holes in 4-under– including an eagle 2 on #4– to finish with a medalist round of 2-under par 33 on the night. Black led his Hotshots to a 4.5 to 0.5 win over Jean Construction and garnished two skins along the way. Nice night Bryan!
    Ed Wiegel’s 37 led Legends II to a 5-0 shutout of DDS. Legends II got solid rounds from everyone on the team to take low net on the night at 125 and move into first place in the standings. Torry Thuli fired a 38 and John Knellwolf a 39 for DDS. 
    The New Guys knocked Fritz’s Burners out of first place with a 4-1 victory, and My Turn Pub jumped into second place with a 4-1 win over Wagner’s. Aric Barnard and Lucas Ritchie each shot 2-over 37s to lead Avon Locker to a 4-1 win over Mexican Cheese, and Legends got by The Club 3.5-1.5.
    In the final match of the night, Brent Tuescher’s 36 and Adam Reichling’s 37 lead Reilly Plumbing to a split with Blackbourn’s as Harry Lee carded a 37 for the men of the “Burg”.
    Flag prize winners included: tee shot closest to the pin on # 1 by John Siegenthaler, long drive on #2 by Aric Barnard, tee shot closest to the pin on #5 by Ed Wiegel, chip shot on #6 by Hector Larraga, and long putt on #9 by Tyler Leahy.

2nd-Half Standings: Legends II 8.0, My Turn Pub 7.5, Legends Bar & Grill 6.5, New Guys 6.5, Hotshots 6.5, Fritz’s Burners 5.5, Wagner Pest Control 5.0, Blackbourn’s 4.5, Avon Locker 4.5, Reilly Plumbing 4.5, Mexican Cheese Producers 4.0, The Club 2.5, Jean Construction 2.0, DDS 1.5.

Darlington Ladies Golf Notes
Tuesday, July 11
Low Gross: Mary Jo Riechers. Low Net: Mary Jo Riechers & Teresa Siegenthaler. Low Putts: Mary Kurth.

Flag Prizes: #1- Rita Hermanson; #2- Marilyn Whalen; #3- Gayle Soper; #4- Gayle Soper; #5- Harolyn Hastert; #6- Diane Colbeck; #7- Janet Mosley; #8- Janet Mosley; #9- Gayle Soper.


Fayette Horseshoes
By Adam Meyers
Thursday, July 13
    Dusty continued his hot pitching with 50% of his shoes being ringers as he & Lance took all 3 from sub Jared White & Jim. Mike & Jeremy took 2-of-3 from league leaders Eric & Chappy to tighten things up at the top of the standings. Adam & Kevin took 2-of-3 from Cary & Shirly in some high scoring games, putting both teams at 16 wins on the year and 2 games out of 1st-place. In a battle for the basement, Dave & Rod dropped all 3 to Mike & Donny to temporarily solidify their spot at the bottom of the standings.
    High games: Dusty 117, Adam 113/112. High series: Dusty 322, Adam 321, Mike H. 314. High ringers: Dusty 75, Adam 72, Mike H. 70.

Standings: Eric & Chappy 18-12, Dusty & Lance 18-12, Jeremy & Mike H. 17-13, Cary & Shirly 16-14, Adam & Kevin 16-14, Bob & Jim 14-16, Mike & Donny 12-18, Dave & Rod 9-21.