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A St. Augies Reunion (sort of)
Joy Schewe Mary Jo Hennessy Fr.Jim Murphy Joanie Just and Mary Carroll
(From left) Joy Schewe, Mary Jo Hennessy, Rev.Jim Murphy, Joanie Just and Mary Carroll.

Almost 100 former members of St. Augustine University Parish in Platteville gathered at the Arthur Haus Jan. 31 to, in the words of co-organizer Charlie Clark, “once again celebrate their faith and friendship together as a church family.”

Participants in this reunion included many past and a few current members of St. Augustine’s, often referred to as “St. Augie’s”). All were welcome, in Clark’s words, that Sunday morning to celebrate Mass at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Montfort. 

“The idea of a reunion came about because most people who were members of St. Augie’s in 2010 or earlier are now scattered,” said Leon Neuheisel, a former member of St. Augie’s. For some this was due to a job change, retirement, marriage, or some other life event that took them away from Platteville.

“For most, however, it was due to the severe changes brought about since 2010 by new parish administration that affected the tone, atmosphere, and mission for St. Augie’s,” said Clark. “Whether people decided to disassociate themselves from St. Augustine’s or still remain members, the end result has been the same for all. As a faith community we lost the opportunity to regularly see one another and participate together as the faith community and family that used to be St. Augie’s.”  

When Neuheisel discussed with Clark his desire to plan something that could gather the St. Augie’s folks together again, they came up with what they called a “St. Augie’s Reunion (sort of).” Based on comments from those who attended as well as the RSVP messages he received from those who could not attend, another gathering in the summer will likely be planned.