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How much is that hamster in the window?
Pet store opens in downtown Platteville, but no dogs for sale
kassies kritters black

Platteville residents feel free to walk their dogs downtown.

So it makes sense for a pet store to be located in downtown Platteville.

Kassie’s Kritters opened at 115 E. Main St. March 1.

“I’ve always had love of animals,” said owner Kassandra Burbach. “I’m a certified vet tech, and I like to work with people and educate them.”

Pet stores are probably one of the most popular retail destinations on the planet, even for those who don’t own pets.

“Most people love pets,” said Burbach. “I think it brings a lot of happiness, and it’s part of growing up — taking care of something other than yourself.

“Dogs want to be your friend; they want your attention, they want to be with you.”

Kassie’s Kritters includes guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats and crickets, along with “supplies for almost all small animals.”

Kassie’s features homemade dog treats from Many Paws Bakery, bird and other pet supplies from Kaytee in Chilton, Natural Chews dog chews from Rockford, and Super Pet supplies.

Burbach purchased the leftover supplies of Rainbow Pets to open her store.

“I want to be here to educate people, and not sell [pets] at ridiculous prices,” she said. “I have a lot of people excited that I allow them to hold animals and interact with them.”

What you will not find at Kassie’s Kritters is dogs or cats.

“I don’t sell puppies or kittens, because the way the laws are, I’d have to buy from a U.S. [Department of Agriculture] certified breeder — anybody that’s over 25 puppies a year,” she said. “And I choose not to do that. Anybody who’s large enough to do that is producing too many puppies. There’s lots of animals out there looking for homes already.”

Burbach plans to hold humane society adoption days at her store.

Burbach likes her downtown location because it’s “closer to the college” and will have “more walking traffic.”

Burbach has fish tanks and supplies, and is in the process of adding fresh-water fish. She also plans to add reptiles, and self-serve dog baths and grooming in the future.

“I’m always looking for ideas of what  people have and are looking for,” she said.