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Shooting ruled a murder-suicide
Morgan Slaight had just been released from an emergency hold
Grant County Sheriff Nate Dreckman addresses the media during a press conference Jan. 16 announcing that the Jan. 2 shooting in Montfort that ultimately led to the deaths of Morgan Slaight and her six-year-old son, Jaxon, as well as the severe injuries to her eight-year-old son, Joseph, was a murder suicide. It has been ruled that Morgan shot both her sons before shooting herself.

One day after she had been released from an emergency hold after she called a helpline on Dec. 22, Morgan Slaight shot her two children before turning the gun on herself. Those are the findings of the Grant County Sheriff's Department, which released details of their findings at a press conference Jan. 16, just days after Morgan had succumbed to the injuries she inflicted on herself Jan. 2.

Sheriff Nate Dreckman, flanked by the investigating team that handled the case, announced that after evidence processed, and an autopsy done on Morgan after her death, Dr. Robert Corliss  of UW Hospitals and Grant County Coroner Ron Sturmer ruled Morgan's death a suicide.

    Morgan had also shot her six-year-old son, Jaxon, who died on Jan. 2, as well as eight-year-old son, Joseph, who is still hospitalized, but in the news release handed out at the press conference, Joseph has shown slight signs of improvement.
    More information to come on, as well as reports in next week's Fennimore Times, Grant County Herald Independent, Boscobel Dial, and Platteville Journal.