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Strub sentenced to jail on theft charges
8-13 Strub
Theresa S. Strub

On August 5, Theresa S. Strub, 30, of Lone Rock was sentenced at the Sauk County Courthouse, after pleading no contest and being found guilty of five counts of false representation and one count of misappropriating personally identifying information to obtain money.

Strub falsely claimed to have stage two stomach and kidney cancer, showed people online images she found of another person’s cancer and said it was hers, and falsified a report from a doctor. She was charged with using fundraising tools, availing herself of a Culver’s restaurant benefit day, and accepting funds from a benefit held by her employer. Additionally, a River Valley area nonprofit charity, 4PeteSake, stated that Strub’s scam has hindered their efforts. A 4PeteSake representative said that the organization now requires more evidence of hardship and some people are leery of such scrutiny.

Circuit Court Judge James Evenson accepted the joint recommendation of prosecutors and Strub’s attorney and agreed to withhold sentencing on six criminal charges if Strub successfully completes terms of her plea agreement.

Evenson sentenced Strub to one year in jail, followed by extended supervision for 10 years. She also must fulfill 400 hours of community service, pay restitutions to the victims, undergo a psychological evaluation and complete any prescribed treatment.

Several victims were present during the sentencing hearing and requested that Strub serve time in prison.

A former co-worker stated, “I donated to Theresa because I didn’t want to see her kids lose their mother like I had.” The former co-worker said that their employer donated to Strub’s fraudulent fund and allowed her to take time off work for supposed treatment.


During sentencing, Strub wept and said, “I can’t change what I have done, but I can try to change the future.”