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Myrtle Lake group plans spring clean up on May 2
In Soldiers Grove
SPP Myrtle Lake cookout
SWAMP PEOPLE PRO-JECT activist Arleena Cecilia Peralta and her mother, Susan Jerrett, are sharing the vision for a restored Myrtle Lake with customers at their cookout in the Soldiers Grove Village Park last Saturday. The group raised a total of $953 from the event, $555 of which came as straight donations.

SOLDIERS GROVE - Swamp Project People, a group dedicated to the restoration of Myrtle Lake in Soldiers Grove, will hold a clean up day on Sunday, May 2, starting at 12 p.m.

Join them for an afternoon of weed pulling, raking, trash cleanup, brush removal, etc. Prepare to get your hands dirty and join them in their efforts to restore Myrtle Lake. Myrtle Lake is located in the Soldiers Grove Village Park, in the old downtown area of the village.