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Fennimore Fitness welcomes new trainer
Boscobel native Ryan Jennings recently accepted the position of area manager at the Fennimore, Prairie du Chien and Lancaster Fitness locations. He is also a certified personal trainer and will be splitting his time between all three fitness centers.

Fennimore Fitness kicked off the new year with the welcoming of its newest personal trainer. Ryan Jennings, a Boscobel native, has returned to his hometown after several years of training in the Madison area.
A 2009 graduate of Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa, Jennings earned his B.A. in Athletic Training and went on to pursue a personal training career in Middleton. He worked as a trainer and fitness manager at Anytime Fitness for two and half years before deciding to make the move back to Boscobel.
“I learned a lot during my time in the Middleton/Madison area and really wanted to bring that experience and some of my education back to the southwest Wisconsin area,” he said.
Jennings has a very athletic background, playing sports in high school and continuing his basketball career at Loras.
During high school, he suffered a fractured femur in a basketball game, giving him his first experience dealing with athletic training and physical therapy.
“I got to see firsthand and learn early on, how certain muscles work while attending rehab for physical therapy,” he said.
Besides working as a personal trainer, Ryan will also serve as the Area Manager for the Fennimore, Lancaster and Prairie du Chien Fitness locations.
“Bringing Ryan in gives us the opportunity to see what they do at the bigger gyms in Madison, and then apply those techniques in southwest Wisconsin for a less expensive price,” Fennimore Fitness owners Brent and Mary Sheckler said. “We are excited to have him aboard.”
Ryan will split his time between the three gyms and help educate the current staff at each site.
“I’m going to be doing a little bit of everything,” he said. “Not only will I be training members, but I will also be training and helping educate the managers and personal trainers on some of the newest trends within the fitness industry.”
Jennings said he would like to see southwest Wisconsin become healthier in general.
“Working out should be an important part of everyone’s life,” he said. “Besides staying in shape and losing weight, daily exercise can help combat heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.”
Jennings said he most enjoys working with clients and seeing their results.
“People are going through amazing transformations, and to be a part of that is pretty awesome,” he said. “I’m thankful for all of the relationships I’ve been able to build through my career as a trainer.”
For more information on Fennimore Fitness or to schedule a session with Ryan or one of the other personal trainers, contact 608-822-4066.