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Antennae approved for north water tower
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DARLINGTON – A lease agreement between the city and ComElec was discussed. ComElec is proposing to use the north water tower to mount wireless internet equipment on top of the tower. The monthly rent the city would receive is $100 per month for year one and two; $150 per month for year three and $200 per month for year four and five. After year five the renewal rate would increase by an addition $25 per month, per annual renewal term.
    Jeremy Williams, Director of Public Works stated the electricity used was not significant. The item was approved at the Water and Sewer Committee and then approved by the city council.
Public Hearing
    At a Public Hearing held June 5, Curt Muchow, project manager, Vierbicher Associates, Inc. outlined the proposed amendment to TID #6 and TID #7, which would allow the city to shift TIF monies from one TID to the other.  The money from the TIF’s can fund city projects, including 100% of the proposed 2021 Hwy. 23 corridor. The two TID’s are projected to generate $5.2 million of surplus revenue.
Plan Commission
    Immediately after the public hearing Breuning called the plan commission meeting to order. The commission adopted the TID #7 project plan, amendment #2 and TID #6 project plan, amendment #1. These both were approved by the plan commission and the city council.
    In other business the Commission approved a certified survey map from Gloria Boatman for her properties, this was also approved at the city council. Approved a conditional use permit for Ron Blaser to have a six unit camp ground with electrical on Hill Street, this was also approved at the city council. Approved a sign permit request for City Service Brewing on Main Street.
Water & Sewer
    At the Darlington Water and Sewer Committee meeting Williams and Dennis McPhail, Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor, presented the 2016 Darlington Wastewater Treatment Facility’s Annual Compliance Report that is filed with the state.
    Influent Flow and Loading section of the report earned a grade of D, effluent quality and plant performance for BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), TSS (total suspended solids) and phosphorus all received a C grade.
    McPhail explained that the lower grades were a result of materials received from Wisconsin Whey plant in January and February of 2016. Since that time the plant has installed a new aeration basin and the numbers have straightened out. McPhail said, “Since  February the numbers look really good.”
    The committee looked ahead and discussed the possible need for an upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant in the future. Williams estimated $8 to $12 million.
    The report was approved by the committee and also approved by the city council.
    In other business the committee approved a 35¢ raise for two employees that work for water and wastewater treatment. The two completed certification in water and wastewater. The raises were also approved by the city council.
Policies, Proceedures and Ordinance
    Williams asked if was possible to create an ordinance that all horses in the city limits must wear bags. City Attorney Bill McDaniel will look into this and it will be put on a future agenda.
    Approved an ordinance 01-2017 allowing Modified Golf Carts and be treated like UTV and ATV. The city council also approved the ordinance. The ordinance is required to be published.
    In Other Business:
    •The raise order on the rock house on Spring Street, which now belongs to Ted Thuli is still in effect. Thuli asked is he could have until the end of June. Thuli has a plan and will be putting windows and roof on the building.
    •Approved the distribution of the bunny hop proceeds.
    •Approved a temporary class B retailers license for the Lafayette County Fair Committee.
    •Approved the renewal Alcohol Beverage Licenses for the period beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2018.
    •Approved May 2017 city, direct deposit, water department, sewer department and library vouchers in the amount of $456,478.