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City of Shullsburg hires Johnson Block
What will taxpayers pay for McCoy Develpment
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SHULLSBURG —Mayor Gloria Swenson called the regular common council meeting to order on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.
    The city discussed the possibility of hiring Johnson Block Company of Mineral Point.  Johnson Block would be figuring the financial feasibility of the proposed McCoy Residential Development and the costs associated with the project and how much it would cost the taxpayers.
    Alderman Emmett Rielly took the discussion in a different direction when he posed three questions to the council. First, “Do we have a contract with Jack and Susan McCoy?” The answer came back – no. Second question, “Who is the developer of the McCoy Residential Development? Answer – City of Shullsburg is the developer. Third, “When the project is done, who will own the property, McCoy or the city?” Answer – we don’t know, that’s what we will be advised on, by a company like Johnson Block.
    Tom Lethlean, was recognized from the audience and said, “There is no contract with Jack and Susan McCoy because you don’t know if the venture is going forward. If the venture goes forward, then yes, that is a warranted question at that point in time.” He continued, “Jack has stated, he would deed the property, the infrastructure and the retention pond to the city at the appropriate time, but to have a contract on a possible scenario of development, when the council hasn’t decided they’re going to pursue it, that would be bad business. I know you think you’re presenting a valid point Emmett, but that decision hasn’t been made. The cost analysis is what will determine that, on the part of the council – then those will be appropriate questions.” Reilly responded, “Thanks Tom, you presented your point well, I think I did too and we just disagree, and that’s okay.”
    A motion was made by Alderman Cory Ritterbusch and then amended by Alderman Jim Paquette to hire Johnson Block Company to get financial information on what the McCoy Residential Development project will cost the taxpayers, and the costs that Johnson Block will charge. This passed 3-1 and was approved.
    Mel Kruel had been hired, replacing David Pedley, at a previous special meeting as the electric lineman for the city. At this meeting it was approved to cut Kruel’s hours to 32 per week. The 32 hours was mutually agreed upon between Kruel and the city.
    The council approved a $5.00 permit for Eric Wiederholt, to be allowed to park his semi-milk truck on his own property. According to city ordinance a permit is needed to park large trucks in the City of Shullsburg. The permit is for five years.
    Committee Reports: Work on the retaining wall for the basketball court has begun; Updating the city website in June; The Shullsburg Lions’ water fountain is ready to be approved.