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County HHH road project hoping to wrap up by winter
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Kieler residents will have to continue making detours until the County HHH project is completed. According to Jamestown Township chairman, Faber Runde, the project ,which started during the second week of September, is still ongoing.
The project which includes repavement of the section of County HHH from the John Droessler residence up past the Francis Droeszler residence as well as the installation of storm sewers along the same stretch. "There were no storm sewers ever present, therefore, we are installing them now," Runde said.
Runde said during the installation of the storm sewer, crews ran into a lot of solid rock, which had to be jack hammered out. The storm sewers have subsequently been finished.
Since then, Wamsley Excavating has been working on grading down the roadway and getting it in accordance with state regulations and state engineers.
Runde said there was about 400 feet of clay or "muck" just north of the church between the two driveways. This has caused a delay in the project because there were 100 loads of the clay hauled out and 100 loads of new breaker rock and gravel to fill in the old unsteady underlayment.
Runde is hopeful this will not cause a delay in blacktopping before winter. "If we can get one coat of blacktop on before snow falls it would be helpful and we could finish with the final layer in the spring," Runde said. "As long as the weather stays the way it has been and we don't get much for wet weather we should be doing okay."
The stretch of road has been in bad shape and has been for 10 years. The funding for the nearly $630,000 project is being taken care of by the town of Jamestown and the Grant County Highway Department. Runde said residents located along the portion of the project will be responsible for their own curb and gutter replacement which should be done this fall.