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Darlington gives Mayor lease authority
SWEARING IN. The newly elected members of the city council standing (left to right) are Erin Gallagher, Dave Gough and Don Osterday - all set for another two year term.

DARLINGTON – With a new council member, Erin Gallagher, the Tuesday, April 18, 2017 regular meeting of the common council of the City of Darlington was called to order by Mayor David Breunig at 7:00 p.m.
    The city missed an opportunity to lease a room in the upstairs of the municipal building and because the next city meeting to approve the lease was two weeks away, the firm found other accommodations.
    Alder Steve Pickett concern about the missed opportunity wanted to give the Mayor the authority to sign a short-term lease as he see’s fit. City Attorney, Bill McDaniel asked what is a short-term lease? Pickett said for two weeks or two month, just until the council can act on it, we don’t have anyone up there.
    Mayor Breunig said he would be willing to do that. Alder John Sonsalla asked if we were allowing retail upstairs. After some discussion Breunig said just office space. McDaniel said it’s a tricky situation. In a scenario that has the Mayor approving a tenant for two month and then it goes to the council two weeks later and the council denies the tenant. No tenant wants to move in and then move out right away.
    Alder Don Osterday stated he wanted to make sure it was not retail, because there may be differences of opinion. It was pointed out by Phil Risseeuw, clerk-treasure, that we have an agreement with Rhonda Pehl of C21. Her commission is two month of rent. Sonsalla said well that solves that, why would we rent it out for two months if the payment for those month goes for commission. Picket made a point about economic development and giving a startup a place to encourage business in the city.
    Alder Dave Gough thought that the Mayor understands our concerns and granting him the authority to do this is based on the circumstances. Sonsalla said I think in most cases we would back-up the Mayor. Pickett said if we have a issue with Rhonda then we need to talk to Rhonda to make sure she’s clear about it too. The motion that was made at the beginning of this discussion was seconded to authorize the Mayor to approve short-term lease agreements for the second floor of the municipal building. Approved unanimously.
    The city discussed connecting the County’s Multi-Use Facility to the city’s water and sewer. This item was approved earlier at the Water and Sewer Committee meeting. A motion was mad to approved connecting the facility on Ames Road to the city’s sewer and water at no cost to the city. Approved.
    The city approved a temporary class B retailers license for the Beowulf MC Ltd. For 2:30 p.m. on Saturday June 10, 2017 through 2:30 a.m. Sunday, June 11, 2017 at the Lafayette County Fairgrounds.
    Dave Gough spoke about the raze order that was put on the burned house on Spring Street. He said there are rumors that there are new owners of that house. I would caution the city, I would like to see the order to raze left in place even if the ownership has changed, because I can see a year from now, that house still sitting there in the same condition. The consensus was the raze order stays with the property.
Water and Sewer
    In a meeting that specifically to act on connecting the county’s Multi-Use Facility to city water and sewer systems. Alder Steve Pickett asked that this item be tabled at the last Water and Sewer meeting, so the city could look into annexing the property, he found that annexing could not be done. Pickett immediately made a motion to grant the request to Lafayette County to connect the Multi-Use Facility on Ames Road to city water and sewer. Approved.
    In Other Business:
    •Approved committees for 2017 as named by Mayor David Breunig.
    •Cinco de Mayo celebration held at the Darlington Festival Grounds have moved their evening party to the Darlington Legion Hall, so there is no need for a temporary Retailer license.
    •Approved financial statements for the city, water dept. and sewer dept.