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Familiar names occupy key positions in Hillsboro
Few surprises after City Council reorganization
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The Hillsboro City Council held its annual reorganization meeting last week with very few surprises and plenty of familiar names appointed to key positions by Mayor Greg Kubarski. All appointments were unanimously approved by the full Council.

Alderman R. Dale Jones was reappointed Council President, a position he has held for a number of years.

The three Standing Committees were up next.

Jones was appointed to chair the Safety and Welfare Committee consisting of  Tom Hotek, Randy Seeley, and Pat Moen.
Mark Lankey was appointed to chair the Finance and Personnel Committee consisting of Elizabeth Parish, Mike Clark, and Hotek.

Alderman Darrow Novy was appointed to chair the Improvement and Services Committee, consisting of Seeley, Jones and Lankey.

Mayor Kubarski also made the following individual appointments:

• City Attorney: Steven A Roy of Geier, Homar, & Roy LLP

• Official Bank: Farmers State Bank

• Official Newspaper: Hillsboro Sentry-Enterprise

• City Assessor: Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. of Appleton, Wis.

• City Engineer: Rob Uphoff of Mid-State Associates

• Building Inspector:  Joe Jackson of General Engineering

• City Development Block Grant Committee: Administrator Fay Urban, Brian Richardson, Moen and Jones.

Other Committees approved were:

• Emergency Government Chairman Tom Hotek, Mayor Kubarski, Mike Clark, Police Chief Tom Richardson, and City Administrator Adam Sonntag.

• Police Committee: Ron Nemec, Rocky Johnson, and Richard Sebranek.

• Community Development Authority: Chairman Andy Peterson, Mike Burch, Karen Stanek, Bob Potter, Bobbi Richardson, Councilmen Seeley and Novy.

• Weed Commissioners: Terry Revels and City Clerk Sheila Schraufnagel.

• City Plan Commission:  Mayor Kubarski, Steve Hofmeister, Mike Burch, Garth Hitselberger, and Council Members Lankey, Parish, and Jones.

• Board of Review: City Clerk Sheila Schraufnagel and Council Members Parish, Lankey, Seeley and Clark.

• Hillsboro Ambulance: Mayor Kubarski

• Hillsboro Fire Association: Mayor Kubarski, City Administrator Sonntag (Alternate), Council Members Novy and Moen.

• Library: Teresa Krajco, Adam Sonntag, Lisa Verbsky, Rozanne Novy, Alan Picha, Sharon Daines, Natalie Adams, Carole Moe, Nicole Morris, and Shirley Green.

• Zoning Board of Appeals: Board Members Jones, Hotek, and Seeley (Alternate), and Jim Riebe, Lavon Hooker, Mike Burch, and Arnie Svacina.

• Parks and Recreation: Mayor Kubarski, and Board Members Parish and Seeley.

• Municipal Court: City Administrator Sonntag.

• Room Tax Commission: Mayor Kubarski, Alderman Lankey, Nancy Picha, Carol Jefferies, and Linda Muller.

• Health Officer: Dr. Lea Cornell.