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Hillsboro City Council approves financing for new well
It then deals with contentious bar license situation
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The Hillsboro City Council took a big step toward the creation of a new water supply system at its regular monthly meeting Monday night.

After months of discussion, planning, and consulting with engineers, final action was taken on the financing of a new, major well for supplying water to the city.

Alderman Tom Hotek made a motion for authorizing the issuance and sale of up to $492,574 sewer and water system revenue bonds, series 2013, and providing for other details and covenants with respect thereto, and approval of related $992,574 financial assistance agreement.

Alderman Mark Lankey seconded the motion and a roll call was taken by City Clerk Sheila Schraufnagel.

All Council members were in attendance. Voting yes were Mike Clark, Hotek, R. Dale Jones, Lankey, Pat Moen, Darrow Novy, Elizabeth Parish, and Randy Seeley, giving the authorization motion unanimous approval.

Official minutes of the Apr. 15 Council Meeting, Apr. 16 Reorganizational Meeting, and Apr. 30 Special Council Meeting were then all unanimously approved.

What followed was an hour and a half of the most complex and confusing meeting this reporter has witnessed in 24 years with the Sentry-Enterprise. It involved two parties seeking approval for Intoxicating Liquor and Fermented Malt Beverage licenses for establishments in the City of Hillsboro.

The two individuals seeking the licenses are Brandon Nickey, who is planning on managing the bar portion of “Friends,” 135 Mill St., and Vicki Olsen, who is planning on opening “8 Ball Break,” 814 Water Ave.

The problem developed over the fact that the City has only one regular license available other than a “reserve” license that is available with approval of the City Council for a fee of $10,000.

The City is allowed six licenses under state law, including the reserve license that is often kept in abeyance for the use of a new business that wishes to open.

The “Friends” request for a license for Nickey had been discussed and tabled at last month’s meeting to allow for some monetary situations, including a City Development Block Grant loan, to be rectified.

After a report on an updated loan situation and a discussion with Police Chief Tom Richardson on legal improvement plans, the Council moved for what was thought to be the first step in authorizing the license.

Clark endorsed Nickey and made a motion to extend the license for him to manage the Friends bar. It was seconded by Hotek.

There was a prolonged discussion, with both pro and con comments from the Council and citizens attending the meeting.

With Olsen also requesting a license for 8 Ball Break, a problem developed about who would get the first license, and whether the Council would vote to approve the “reserve license” and possibly waive the $10,000 fee.

The meeting eventually took on the atmosphere of heavy discussion, total confusion, and a full house of listeners attempting to keep up with the situation.

Eventually, Clark rescinded his motion to grant Nickey a license, and Hotek rescinded his seconding motion.

Parish then made a motion to approve a license for Olsen, and it was seconded by Novy.

All members voted Yes, other then Clark and Hotek, who voted against approval of a license for Olsen. However, with a 6-2 vote the license was approved.

Nickey requested a withdrawal of his application and Seeley made that motion, with Clark seconding it. That vote was unanimous.

Employee recognition was the final action on the agenda. Mayor Greg Kubarski presented Hillsboro City Treasurer Lisa Johnson with a framed certificate signifying her acceptance as a Municipal Treasurers' Association of Wisconsin Certified Treasurer.

The bar licensing situation will most likely continue at the next Council meeting in June.

Kubarski added a message of appreciation from the Council for her dedicated service in the position.