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Manor has grim financial report
Manor over levy by $93,529 with six months to go
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DARLINGTON - At the Lafayette Manor Committee meeting, Larry Ludlum, chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017.
Financial Report
    A bleak finance report was presented by interim Finance Manager Molly Wiegel. Wiegel is also the Chief Financial Officer at Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County and was approved to serve as Lafayette Manor Financial Manager with an increase in pay rate of $4.81 per hour for completing financial duties at the Manor. Wiegel was also compensated an unspecified amount for back pay from April 1, 2017.
    Wiegel started her report with the average census being at 55.1 residents, the budget was based on 56 residents and the year-to-date revenue is below budget by $292,037. That got the attention of newly appointed Lafayette Manor Committee member Greg Pickett. Pickett asked, “We’re only down one person, yet our revenue is down $292,037, what is the driver?” Wiegel answered, “It depends on the payer mix, which we don’t have much control over when we do the budget. We have self payers, Medicare, Medicaid, VA or commercial pay. They all are charged the same, but pay different rates.”
    Pickett was concerned that the revenue category pharmacy/therapy was under budget by $287,076 and Wiegel explained the budgeted breakdown amounts were a guess, as she had no breakdown from the previous year, she just had a single number for gross revenue and that was $5,017,953.
    The bigger picture of bad news for the Manor’s financial report is the Manor has used all of the levy funds for 2017, which is $291,796 and has, in fact, gone over the levy by $93,529. For comparison in Sept. 2016 the Manor showed a year-to-date loss of $234,941 – compared to the year-to-date loss in July 2017 of $385,325. The Manor’s total shortfall for 2016 was $298,885. The deficiency was highlighted in Wiegel’s report, but was not mentioned or discussed during the meeting. The report was approved.
After Closed Session
    A motion was made to increase the Director of Nursing (DON), Judy Arn’s salary by $1.00 per hour. Approved. This item will need to go through Human Resources committee.
    A motion was made to increase the wage of the scheduling position to $18.33 and to post it. Approved. This item will need to go through Human Resources committee.
    A motion was made to approve paying out unused vacation time to the Minimum Data Set (MDS) Coordinator/Assistant DON. Approved.
August 1st meeting
    A motion was made to name Peggy Rolli as the full-time Nursing Home Administrator at Lafayette Manor with an annual salary of $84,400. Approved.
    A motion was made to remove Julie Chikowski’s salary of 10% from the Manor. Approved.
    In other business.
    •No action on a server replacement. Jason Walters IT Department Head was expected to be present. Peggy Rolli, Manor Head Administrator had a summary: the Manor server is 8 to 10 years old and is the oldest in the county (Lafayette County government departments that is), it’s only a matter of time before it quits working. If the server went down it would create problems at the Manor. An estimate to replace the server is $1,800. Rolli would like to take action on this. Tony Ruesga, county board and Manor committee member asked, “Is this in the budget?” Rolli answered, “It is not on the budget.” No action was taken and the matter will be put on next months agenda.
    •No action on new generator as there are no bids yet; No action on third floor living room windows – no bids on repairing the windows; Billing on oxygen supply is getting straightened out; the .6 Manor finance position is posted at $33.408.
    •Approved to pay invoices of $91,949. This does not include the laundry invoice and Mathys Hardware invoice. Ludlum said the one that jumps out is legal services bill at $4,923 (having to do with a grievance) and we really don’t have control over that.
    •Had three admissions and four discharges for the month of July. The census as of July 31 is 57 residents. Report approved.
    •Announced the annual Manor Cook-out to be held Wednesday, Sept. 6, from 4 – 7 p.m. at the Fairgrounds Floral Hall.
    •Jill Boelk reported currently the Manor has 93 employees, 40 full-time, 13 part-time and 40 fill-in PRN (as the situation demands) status. Report approved.
    •Overtime for July was $6,461, that’s down from June $6,527.