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Manor sidesteps flooring bids
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DARLINGTON - At the Lafayette Manor Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 24 the committee pondered two flooring bids.
    Hubie Durst of Floor Coverings International Madison presented his plan and a quote to install new vinyl flooring on floor one in the main hall and corridor, amounting to roughly 3,000 sq. ft. of flooring. Durst stated the job would take three or four days. The quote came to $21,816. Floor Coverings International is also quoting a floor for the Lafayette County Multi-Purpose build and chair Larry Ludlum asked Durst if there would be any room for negotiation if he were to get both jobs? Durst stated he could take a few percent off.
    Jim Lange, Lafayette Manor Environmental Services Supervisor, asked if there was any way to eliminate the transition piece, where the hallway flooring meets the room flooring. Lange said, “It would be better off if that could be kept flush, because of the lifts that we use hit a bump, it makes it hard.”
    Peggy Rolli, Manor Administrator read the bid from Black’s Floor Covering Darlington at $22,495. Again, Ludlum wondered if the county could “strike a better bargain” if both county jobs were given to one company. The committee tabled the decision on flooring bids, until bids on the Multi-Purpose have been opened.
    Five new beds were purchased at a cost of $1,998 each; the new beds are budgeted for under capital equipment and will be replacing old crank beds that were bought when the building was built. Lange is doing a full inventory of what beds are needed.
    Christine Tabaka, Finance Manager at the Manor, stated the Manor has received a donation from the Glindinning Estate. $80,766 has been received and more could be received at a later date. The will specified the money will be used for capital improvements and programs for Manor residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The committee was very appreciative of the gift. The funds will stay in a separate account and will appear on the monthly financial sheets. A motion was approved to accept the donation.
    As far as uses for the donated funds, Tabaka said, “The flooring has not been budgeted for and that is a capital improvement, so this could be used for the flooring, when that time comes.”
    Other items brought up for consideration include: parallel bars - $1,340; recumbent bike - $3,795 and additional wheelchairs are needed. An allocation of $3,000 per year for wheelchairs was suggested. These three items totaled $8,135 and were approved by the committee.
    In Manor business:
    •The committee discussed whirlpool baths. Rolli said, “There are currently whirlpool bathers on each residential floors and that’s what we do the majority of the resident bathing with. The two that we have now are 14 years old and we’re having trouble getting parts for them.” Two bids were received: Apollo – $21,900 and MasterCare Patient Equipment – $24,400. A poll of the resident’s preference of either an updated shower or whirlpool baths will be taken. No action.
    •No action on new generator. Two engineers have been contacted to prepare a design for the new generation. That will be the first step in this process.
    •The Manor received a bid from Sloan John Deere in Cuba City at $8,100 for a new riding tractor mower with plow. Lange has also contacted Sloan in Monroe but hasn’t received a bid yet. The purchase is budgeted for in capital equipment. The committee approved to authorized Lange to go with the lower bid, once the second bid is received. The old mower will be sold outright.
    •Rolli reported on a Wisconsin Association for County Homes that she attended. An information sheet was handed out dealing with a 2018 workforce survey.
    •A survey was performed by the state on the Manor. Rolli said, “We had a good survey with only a few areas for improvement. We had a lot of good comments.” The final report will be received April 26.
    •Discussed scheduler/office assistant position. The position will be filled at $18 per hour with no benefits. This has been approved by Lafayette County Human Resources.
    •Jill Boelk reported since the last meeting, the Manor has had three new hires, two resignations, two separations of employment, one removal from roster and on status change. The Manor has 92 employees, 38 full-time, 12 part-time and 42 fill-in PRNs (as the situation demands) status. Report approved.
    •Overtime for March was $6,591, that’s down from Feb. at $6,830.