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Marietta Town Board rescinds CAFO moratorium
Marietta Moratorium
MARIETTA TOWN CLERK Clifford Monroe reads the text of the CAFO moratorium at a special meeting of the Town Board called to consider passing the moratorium. After hearing public input, the board voted 2-1 to enact the moratori-um.

MARIETTA TOWNSHIP - At their meeting on Monday, December 23, the Marietta Town Board voted to rescind the CAFO moratorium passed in August. This means that the study group will no longer meet to conduct their work under town auspices.

Marietta Town Board Chairman Teddy Beinborn and Supervisor Reggie Lomas voted for rescinding the moratorium, with Supervisor Eric Sime abstaining from the vote.

“I think the board hopes that by rescinding the moratorium, it will allow the township to begin to heal,” Marietta Town Clerk Clifford Monroe said. “Rescinding it will also eliminate any potential conflicts between the town’s moratorium and the county’s moratorium.”

The Independent-Scout asked Monroe, “did anything good come of having the moratorium and the study group?”

“I believe that the working group put in a lot of good work,” Monroe said. “I don’t believe that the board’s decision means they are discounting the value of the work the group did, and I think everyone hopes it will be of value to the county as they go through their process.”

Monroe said that the board is still willing to entertain ordinances that citizens may think they should consider.

“I think the board is going to be pretty relieved to get back to other core items of town business now,” Monroe said. “It will be kind of a relief to just worry about our town roads or fence disputes.”