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Multi-Use okays own well, septic
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LAFAYETTE COUNTY - At the Multi-Use Facility Committee meeting held Monday, April 3, 2017, Gerald Heimann, chairman, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
    Keith Dalsing from KD Engineering had plans that have been updated from the last time the group met. The items that need attending are smaller detail items.
    One item that’s not so small is where the building will receive its water and sewer services. Tom Jean, Lafayette County Highway Commissioner attended a City of Darlington Water and Sewer meeting to ask the city if they could hook the building up to the city’s water and sewer system.  At that meeting a motion was made to do just that, and it failed. The city looking into annexing options was the reason given for not approving the connection.
    Jack Sauer made a motion to put a well in and sewer storage facility for the Multi-Use Facility building, that motion was approved. That premise of plans changed for Dalsing who had prepared designs for city water and sewer for the facility. The committee will go forward planning for both options. Dalsing and the committee went through options for hooking up to the city and also having a sewer storage tank and a well.
    Storm water management - the current pond is sized for the building and gravel area around the building. Dalsing wondered if the committee would like to make the pond larger to accommodate future expansion of building or parking lot. Heimann said, “That’s a great idea, so it’s ready for future expansion.” The committee agreed and Dalsing will design the pond to be larger and/or deeper to handle the additional water and see how much extra it will cost.
    Fire Safety - The committee has figured out a way to not have a fire suppression system and only one fire wall. The two-hour fire wall will separate the meeting room area and the cold storage or truck area.
    Electrical – Three-phase electric runs right past the building and will be available to the building.
    Truck garage – the committee decided to have a concrete floor with rebar and trench drains. Concrete pads will be outside the bay doors.
    Other items – LED will be used for all lighting; stoop and overhang on the front doors to the meeting room; commercial grade carpet for flooring in meeting room; tile will be used in the hallway and restrooms; separate generator - permanent or portable will be looked into; heating and ventilating will have units outside; outdoor lighting discussed; County Highway workers will be doing the site preparation after they receive a site plan.
    Heating, venting and electrical will be on the agenda at the next meeing.