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Multi-Use planning wrapping-up
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LAFAYETTE COUNTY - At the Multi-Use Facility Committee meeting held Monday, April 17, 2017, Gerald Heimann, chairman, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Keith Dalsing from KD Engineering had a complete set of plans with very little to update. He announced the Wisconsin State review date is May 16, 2017. The official title of the plans will be changed from Storage Building to Multi-Use Facility.
    The plans will include connecting to the City of Darlington water and sewer systems.  Dalsing said they will be able to have a gravity flow for the sewer. An eight inch pipe was decided on by the committee, due to the minimum extra expense. Tom Jean, Highway Commissioner, was concern about how much rock they would be hitting. He said he would dig test holes to what they have.
    Metal for the building right now is spec’d out at .29 gauge. Dalsing asked the committee if they would like to see a heavier gauge. Going from .29 gauge to .26 gauge would cost approximately $10,000 to $15,000 more. The committee will bid it out with both gauges.
    The fire wall was moved back one bay. The wall will separate first bay, which will be used to house the Commission on Aging busses, and the rest of the storage area. This was done to avoid having a fire suppression system.
    Other items: An estimated 4,000 yards of black dirt will be stored behind the current County Shop building; larger storm runoff holding area was reflected on the plans; laminate posts will be used; alternate bids will be put out for a condensation blanket for the ceiling in the storage area; emergency generator will be included for the original plans; cupolas, to dress up the building will be priced; three phase electric service will be available for the building; ComElec and Jason Walter from the counties IT department will be brought in for planning; Jean wanted to get going on site prep with the Highway Department crew.
    The committee thanked Dalsing for moving the project along. There will be one more meeting, May 1, before the state review.