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Painting, flooring & boring discussions at Multi-Purpose Facility committee meeting
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DARLINGTON – Painting, flooring and boring decisions were made at the Multi-Purpose Facility Committee meeting, held May 10 at the Lafayette County Highway Dept. meeting room.
    Tom Jean, Lafayette County Highway Commissioner, said, “These decisions need to be made to keep the project moving forward”.
    The painting of interior walls was the first matter the committee took up. Drywall Masters, the company that did the drywall and added texture to the walls of the meeting room, had previously bid $11,000 to paint the interior walls. Jean point out their quote included painting the walls and all the doors. Jean said, “There are 21 doors in that building. We can have Highway Dept. workers paint those doors over time.” Drywall Masters came back with a quote of $5,100 to do the job without any doors included.
    Jean talked with Brad Willborn of Willborn Painting, Belmont and received a “no door” painting quote of between $4,200 - $4,800 to do the walls in the meeting room. Both bids include a primer coat and two coats of color, also both bids included the price of paint.
    Gerald Hiemann, County Board member and chair of the Multi-Purpose committee, said, “We need to get this done.” A motion was made and approved to accept the Willborn Painting estimate of $4,200 - $4,800.
    The committee moved on to flooring for the meeting room, a subject the committee has been discussing for several meetings. Jean had some concerns for Black’s Flooring, that were answered by owner Al Black, including: Black thought it was unnecessary to seal the concrete that the carpet tiles will be laid on; included 6’x6’ landing areas the meeting room; explained the differences between nylon vs. olefin carpet squares. The committee seemed satisfied with Black’s answers.
    The bids for flooring in the meeting room - including carpet, landing areas, entryway, bathrooms and hallway - are: Black’s Flooring - $18,745 and Floor Covering International - $20,411, plus $2,056 for sealing. The committee approved the Black’s Flooring bid.
Bore or Excavate?
    Jean brought up sewer line extension. A 300 foot length of sewer pipe will connect the Multi-Purpose Facility to the City of Darlington’s sewer system. The two options are to bore underground or excavate a trench to lay the pipe to make the connection.
    Tri-State Directional Boring of Darlington provided Jean with an estimate of $5,790 to do the job and that includes $1,300 of piping. Jack Sauer, County Board chair and committee member, said, “If it gets dug we’ll have costs of excavating and filling it in and then there will big a dip in the road.”
    Jean said, “There is a possibility that the boring will hit something [rock] that they won’t be able to get through. If that happens we’ll dig it up from where they get stopped and pay Tri-State for time and materials.”
    A motion was made and approved to accept the estimate from Tri-State Directional Boring of $5,790.
     Next meeting was set for Monday, May 21 at 8:00 a.m.
Highway Committee meeting
    Highway Committee met Thursday, April 26 at 8:00 a.m.
    •Approved vouchers of $58,000; of that roughly $39,000 is for salt.
    •Overtime for April was $12,000. Close to 450 hours of overtime, split between county and state.
    •Gave a report on the Multi-Purpose Facility.
    •Local bridge update – Holland Road – complete and open. Bethel Grove bridge (near the entrance to Lake Joy) pouring the deck today (May 10). Co. U bridge (north of Shullsburg) starts Tuesday, May 15. County Highway U will be closed for about two and a half months.
    •Ordered snowplow and the steel drum roller. The roller should be delivered June 1.