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Police and Fire Commission to meet today on complaint
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The Platteville Police and Fire Commission will hear a complaint against one of its lieutenants this afternoon.

Zan Shields, 65 Mitchell Ave., is seeking “redress of an injustice,” according to the citizen complaint form, over her arrest for operating while intoxicated Nov. 13, 2003.

The hearing will be held in the Municipal Building Council Chambers at 5 p.m.

The complaint was filed Sept. 28 against Lt. Jeff Haas and retired officer Ron Knutson. Haas was an Officer in Charge at the time. The PFC dismissed the complaint against Knutson because he is retired, according to Police Chief Doug McKinley.

Shields is charging that Haas charged her “to substantiate an arrest.” Shields said the two officers “fabricated a police report, violated my rights, threatened me with jail” on repeated occasions, “came after” her in an “’I’ll show you’ manner,” because “I, as a black woman spoke back to a white woman.”

Shields was found guilty of the charge at a trial in Grant County Circuit Court in Lancaster. Shields had her driver’s license suspended for one year for refusing an alcohol test, and she had her driver’s license suspended for failure to pay the fine, according to court records.

The hearing agenda includes potential closed-session portions on whether there is just charge to sustain the complaint, and if there is, determine discipline against Haas.