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Sewer system update project is moving ahead
In Soldiers Grove
Soldiers Grove

SOLDIERS GROVE - Mark Digman of Delta-3 Engineering was present at the Thursday, March 4 meeting of the Soldiers Grove Village Board. At that meeting, the board heard an update about the projected timeline for the sewer system improvement project, and some of the project specifics.

Digman told the board that the specifics of the timeline for the project would be driven by the contractor selected, and the approach they take to the various segments of the project. He explained that there can be some lag time between when some of the components of the new system are ordered, and when they become available to be installed. He said some contractors will complete a portion of the work, and then return when all the parts are available. Others might choose to wait until everything is available to start the project.

“There will definitely be some disruption to camping, and possibly events this spring, summer and fall,” Village President Paul Nicholson said. “Some of the events that could be impacted, in addition to camping, are BMW Motorcycle Club, June Dairy Days, and the Driftless Area Art Festival.”

Nicholson said that he had had contact with the art festival organizers and assured them that the village would work with them to make the event possible, one way or another.

Digman told the board that an online event would be held on March 25 to solicit contractor bids. He said that he anticipates that a public information meeting could be scheduled for April to update citizens on the project. He said that the estimated completion date for the project will be November 5.

He explained that various measures would be taken in the project to address abandoned sewer lines in the old part of the village. These abandoned lines allow groundwater to infiltrate into the system, increasing the burden on the village’s sewer plant. Those lines will be filled in with a concrete slurry. Other old clay pipes on the east side of the bridge, between lift station two and Third Street, will be lined to effectively turn them into plastic piping.

All of the lift stations in the system will be completely overhauled so that they are essentially identical in terms of the age of components, three-phase power, secure control panels, and connection to a computer monitoring system. The lift station in the park, closest to Myrtle Lake, will be removed and replaced on higher ground so it is out of the floodplain.

The presentation included an update of the costs for grant administration, engineering, and a ten percent contingency fund.

“It has come in at less than the preliminary estimate, and we are going to be able to do more with the data system while saving money,” Digman explained. “This fall, the village will be able to apply for a WDNR Clean Water Grant, which will help to cover the village’s portion of the cost of the project.”

The board voted unanimously to give Delta-3 Engineering approval to move forward.

Third Street

Nicholson told the board that he had received some public input about what the village should do about speeding and accident problems on Third Street. Trustee Vicki Campbell said that she also had received input.

“The North Crawford bus garage people had some concerns about the ideas for the road,” Nicholson said.

“The call I received was in opposition to making the road one-way,” Campbell said. “That person’s suggestion was to move the 25-miles-per-hour speed limit sign further out onto the highway so exiting motorists would see it sooner.”

Director of Public Works Brian Copus agreed to contact Todd Meyer at the Crawford County Highway Department about the possibility of moving the sign. He will also check with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to see if it would be possible to put the village’s sign on their road.

Farmers Market

Mike Mueller of the Soldiers Grove Farmers Market addressed the board to make several requests that could help the market grow. Mueller explained that vendors at the market needed an internet connection in order to be able to accept SNAP EBT card payments. He also said that he is talking with the villages of Readstown and Viola, as well as Soldiers Grove, about the possibility of going in together to purchase a scale for use at all three farmers markets.

“The problem that I have with using CDC funds to start paying for things like internet or a scale is that, then, other groups will also ask for support,” Campbell said. 

Campbell suggested contacting Richland Grant Telephone Cooperative to see what might be possible for the market in the way of a temporary internet connection or a hotspot. She suggested that rather than make the market a loan for a scale out of CDC funds, perhaps the village could consider a donation if the other villages are also interested.

In other business

In other business, the board:

• agreed to use contracted time with a Crawford County Sheriff’s Deputy to enforce the village ordinance against unregistered vehicles

• agreed to collect estimates for a sign and flagpole in front of the village office, and also for replacement signs at the village perimeter

• set the date for Clean Up Day on April 10, once again at the Village Shop

• agreed to have Delta-3 send every business in the village with a grease trap a letter, giving them 30 days to clean it out, to be followed by a visit and inspection

• heard that Community Development Alternatives believes they will be able to present a sewer rate update at the board’s next meeting

• approved a new design for village camping permits, with the village ordinance printed on the back

• authorized the purchase of a new computer and monitor for the village clerk

• approved advertising for a part-time public works employee

• approved renewal of the village’s worker’s compensation and property liability insurance through the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.