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Horseshoes back in the news in Gays Mills
Winning Shoes
MAXINE GRIFFITHS of Tennessee recently won the Womens World Championship of Horseshoe Pitching at the World Tournament of 018, held in South Carolina. Griffiths used these old Gays Mills shoes, owned by Russ Brockways dad at the tournament, but switched to another pair on the final day to pitch the winning round.

GAYS MILLS - Russ Brockway recently received an odd request. Maxine Griffiths, one of the two ‘Tennessee Twins,’ along with her twin sister MarRay, heard about his horseshoe collection. She was looking for a particular pair of horseshoes, at a certain weight, and heard that Brockway might have a pair in his collection. In fact, he did.

“I cleaned up those old shoes of my Dad’s, and sent them off to her,” Brockway said. “She sent me a different pair of the same make, but a different weight, in trade.”

Brockway reports that Maxine Griffiths used those shoes when competing in the Women's World Championship Horseshoe Pitching Contest at the World Tournament 2018, held in South Carolina recently.

“She used my Dad’s shoes in day one and two,” Brockway said. “But on the last day, when it was coming down to the wire, she said that another pair was ‘working that day,’ and she used those as she went on to win the world title.”

The two ‘Tennessee Twins’ hold 27 Tennessee State Horseshoe Pitching Championships between them.

Brockway himself had a winning moment last weekend at the Fred Lane Horseshoe Pitching Tournament held in Stevens Point. Brockway won his class and earned his first statewide patch.