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Blessed to be back
Fennimore Times receives new editor
Angie Maag
Angie Maag

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. Though many of you may know me already, I want to reach out and introduce myself as the new editor of the Fennimore Times.

As a small recap of my years from then to now, I graduated from Fennimore in 2017 and went on to receive my degree in journalism from UW-Madison this past May. Since recieving my bachelor’s degree, I’ve spent the past several months working at the Monroe Times as a reporter with Matt Johnson, the then publisher. 

Mr. Johnson and I had several conversations about my interest in returning to my hometown and spending time with my family. Taking over from him has afforded me a front row seat to do what I love and watch my little sister grow up.

It is very surreal to be back in my hometown working for the paper. When I was younger, writing for the Fennimore Times was all just a dream. I had many dreams though. 

I bounced around on my choice of career for a very long time before settling on writing. Astronaut to zoologist, I wanted to do it all. At some point, I realized writing would allow me to pursue all those ambitions while helping others. It’s been a true blessing to listen to how my words have impacted those around me. I hope to do the same in Fennimore. 

All of these experiences have been wonderful learning opportunities. One I hope to extend to other young journalists who would like to write for the Fennimore Times. I am so excited to be back and reconnect with everyone. Here is to the New Year and a new journey. Happy holidays!