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Fisherman find empty kayak in river
In Muscoda
Carp and kayaks
CARP AND KAYAKS are a strange combination for fishermen to catch together in one day. But Bill Bremmer and Paul Tichenor brought both back after a fishing trip recently.

  MUSCODA - Fishermen Bill Bremmer, Blue River, left, and Paul Tichenor, Muscoda, returned to Muscoda’s Riverside Park Sunday afternoon, not with a large catch of fish, but with a potentially troublesome finding.

  While fishing in the Wisconsin River, about two miles upstream from Gotham, they noticed something blue on the upstream end of an island. Investigating they found a water-filled overturned kayak with a life preserver tied to it.

  The men described the location as “extremely dangerous” with a strong, fast current with snags that made it difficult to move the kayak, an “Aruba 10 Sun Dolphin”, and load it into their fishing boat. There was no telling how long the kayak may have been there.

  Bill recalled that during the many years his dad operated a canoe rental facility between Muscoda and Gotham, there were times when found canoes that had floated away from overnight campsites were found downstream. The river level at Muscoda did rise during the weekend and the men were hoping the kayak would be claimed.

Bremmer was the one who caught the blue buffalo fish, but it was Tichenor who planned to smoke it.