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Public meetings for Coon Creek and West Fork watershed updates
Coon Creek_Luckasson Dam
LUCKASSON DAM is one of the three flood control dams that breached following a catastrophic rain event in August of 2018. The breaches of dams in Coon Creek and West Fork Kickapoo have drawn the interest of NRCS because of their “unprecedented nature.”

COON CREEK AND WEST FORK KICKAPOO - Vernon, Monroe and LaCrosse counties, along with the Wisconsin DNR and representatives from UW-Madison will lead a Coon Creek and West Fork Kickapoo Watersheds update on January 30. Two meetings will be held: 

• Coon Valley American Legion, 3 p.m.

• Cashton Community Hall, 7 p.m.

Topics to be addressed at the meetings include:

• Updates from counties, DNR and UW-Madison

• Status of PL-566 dams breached/damaged in 2018 storm event- Monroe County Conservationist Bob Micheel

• Investigation (dam failure) report – Wisconsin NRCS State Engineer Steve Becker

• Coon Creek and West Fork Kickapoo Watersheds Study – Steve Becker

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