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Increased deer registration numbers reported
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Most area deer registration stations were reporting increased numbers for the opening weekend over the past year or two.

None probably saw a bigger increase than Ferryville Cheese, which registered 267 antlerless deer and 165 bucks. Those 432 deer were only 12 short of the 444 registered for the entire nine-day season last year. Manager Karen Grimsled figured the warm weather had been a factor in the increased numbers.

It was a similar story at Greener’s Corner in Seneca where they registered 217 antlerless deer and 191 bucks-a total of 408 deer. Owner Jay Greene figured the registration was up about 30 percent over the past two year’s opening weekend.

Greener’s Corner manager Wanda Heisz said more deer were being registered and said she felt hunters were registering the deer earlier than usual because of the warmer weather and concerns for preserving the meat.

At the Marketplace in Gays Mills, 137 antlerless deer and 94 bucks-a total 231 deer were registered on opening weekend. Meanwhile at the Kickapoo Kwk Stop in Readstown, a total of 528 deer were registered-290 antlerless deer and 338 bucks.

Over at the Rolling Ground Tavern, they registered 130 bucks and 89 antlerless deer, a total of 219 deer. Down Highway 61 at Mt. Zion, they registered 40 antlerless deer and 35 bucks-a total of 75 deer.