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Boscobel grad's new company helps small businesses succeed
Brock Waterman

Some may remember Boscobel native Brock Waterman as the guy that traveled for three years covering 30 different countries on five different continents. Now Waterman has taken his life goals to a whole new level.

Waterman is currently working part-time for the University of Wisconsin-Platteville (UWP) as the Pioneer Launch Lab Coordinator. However, he has also decided to take on his own business called Fundunity LLC.

“Fundunity LLC is a company that I have always dreamed of starting,” said Waterman.

According to Waterman, his business is an ambitious endeavor that brings together all the different aspects of his work and personal experiences to help small businesses successfully launch, reach their full potential, and recover during tough times. Working at the UWP helps him gain more experience to jumpstart his career as he has the opportunity to work with students of both past and present to help launch their businesses while working on his own business consulting skills.

Fundunity LLC has been part of Waterman’s life since June of 2012. Since then he feels he has made some great changes in companies and had even greater results. One case in particular, was when Waterman helped a business grow sales over 50 percent to $200,000 and triple profits from 2011-2012.

Waterman’s goal is to focus on the following areas to help small businesses: business consulting, website design, web hosting, social media, Internet consulting, software development, business funding, and investment opportunities.

Currently Waterman is charging customers or businesses $40 per hour for his services, which is far less than most people in his position. However, he is thinking in the next few months he will have to raise it to at least $50. A first consulatition with Waterman is free of charge and has no strings attached.

“I don’t want to make it so people who are having trouble with their company can’t afford my services,” said Waterman.

            For that price, Waterman has helped many companies and individuals with the following: direct business startup planning, budgets, analyze struggling companies, computerize business systems, help companies streamline, assist with risk management, and launching websites.

            Some companies that he has helped launch websites for are local Platteville companies such as Platteville Massage and Therapy and Los Amigos–Mexican Restaurant.

            In order for Waterman to provide such services to the community, some may wonder what kind of background experience he must have.

            Waterman has been working with the business aspect of things his entire life, as he has entrepreneurial parents who own their own company called Chopper Box located outside of Boscobel. Chopper Box is a company that fixes chopper boxes for insurance companies and farmers. Waterman helped with his parents’ company as he grew up and still helps them with it today.

            However, he also has the educational background experience to go with it. Waterman attended Southwest Wisconsin Technical College where he received two degrees in Computer Information Systems (Programmer Analyst and Microcomputer Specialist).  He then attended the UWP where he majored in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Spanish as a minor.

            Past his schooling and his upbringing by his parents’ business, Waterman also has 10 years of work experience in many different aspects of business, including: client support technician, computer programmer, business analyst, website designer/content creator, sales/customer service, bank examiner, and commodities market analyst/broker.

            In 2000, Waterman produced a side business known as GeNext Software. It was focused on computer programming, website design, and hosting. He is now taking that business and integrating it into Fundunity LLC.

            Waterman has worked in places such as Lands’ End, where he has earned generous salaries in a number of capacities. However, makinga lot of money is not his main focus in life.

            “I love being able to have an impact on a company, and someone’s life,” said Waterman.

            His priorities are to help small businesses be successful, which is what drives him to work hard at helping other businesses and individuals.

            If looking for help getting your business off the ground or making a change in your business, feel free to contact Brock Waterman at or check out their website at for more information.