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Deer harvest down this year
Opening weekend
Opening weekend

Foggy, wet weather for the opening weekend of this year’s nine-day gun deer season seems to have depressed the number of animals killed, according to DNR Wildlife Biologist Dave Matheys.

Hunters registering deer this past weekend told Matheys that they were having a hard time seeing the deer in the foggy conditions.

Matheys said visibility was so limited in places that it made the conditions unsafe for deer drives.

Opening weekend results in Crawford County were only 74 percent of what the opening weekend results were the previous year. Matheys also pointed out that last year’s results were down because of extremely cold weather on opening day.

The DNR official’s advice to hunters this year was “perseverance.” On Monday, he noted there were still seven days to go in the nine-day gun season.

For the record, there were 1,855 deer taken in the opening weekend in Crawford County last year and only 1,373 taken this year.