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Greg Bell named Citizen of the Year
Greg Bell citizen of year
Surrounded by family members, Michaell Bell holds the 2020 Citizen of the Year Award presented in front of her Oakes Road home Saturday afternoon on behalf of her late husband, Greg, former teacher, coach, principal and District Administrator with the Boscobel School District.

Editor’s note:

The Boscobel Chamber of Commerce presented its 2020 Citizen of the Year Award on Saturday with a parade and caravan past the home of the winner’s family, where everyone was gathered outside to accept the award on his behalf. Emcee Karl Krogen presented the award and had these words to share with the family:

BOSCOBEL - The Outstanding Citizen Award is sponsored by the Boscobel Chamber of Commerce and was established in the memory of Chuck Yahn, a Boscobel businessman, church, school, and community booster.

This community has devoted people who give endless hours in community service year after year.  It is an honor to receive this nomination.  Once a name is received, the nominee will remain eligible for the next three years.

Each year, Boscobel area residents submit nominations for this award.  We are honored to have so many people dedicated to our community.  We acknowledge their dedication, service, and support to the Boscobel area and its people.

At this time, I would like to read the nomination letter.

It is with great pleasure and honor that I nominate Greg Bell, Jr. for the 2020 Outstanding Citizen Award.  While I have known Greg most of my adult life, it was not until he became the principal of Boscobel High School and later the District Administrator of Boscobel Area Schools that I learned of his great skills and outstanding personality.

Professionally, Greg had a phenomenal skill set.  First, he was an exceptional leader, one who led by example; his endless motivation, determination, and drive were contagious, and, as the expression goes, he could “sell” snow to the Eskimos!  Greg was the type of leader who could easily persuade a student or even a colleague to make a sound, logical decision independently without using his administrative power or influence.  He always knew exactly what to say to motivate a person to try harder, to give more, and to make the best decision. 

Second, Greg was one of the best “multi-taskers” I have ever met.  As the district administrator, Greg wore many hats and juggled numerous responsibilities, always without complaint.  Not once did I hear Greg complain about his workload or the many hours that he worked at school.  Instead, Greg took all of his many responsibilities seriously, completing each to the best of his abilities.  In fact, no matter the time of day, including early morning hours, or the time of the week, even weekends, Greg’s truck was in the school’s parking lot, and he was hard at work, continually striving to make Boscobel schools a great place for students and staff.

On a more personal level, Greg possessed the personality traits that allowed him to work successfully with anyone, anywhere.  Greg had an awesome personality that put everyone at ease.  His positive energy and love of life permeated both professional and social interactions, and his sense of humor was always fun and pleasant, especially IF his audience remembered that “HE tells the jokes around here!”  On many occasions in the high school hallways, I heard Greg tell students that they dropped their pockets or that their shoelaces were untied (when the students’ shoes had NO laces)!

Indeed, Greg was charismatic, yet he had a subtle way of demanding respect while giving respect to all with whom he interacted. Because Greg strove to build rapport with every student and athlete in the building, students found him approachable, and they felt comfortable with him to share a laugh; to express school, peer, and home concerns; to seek advice; and to receive the many accolades that he sincerely gave for their successes.  Never had I witnessed Greg display a lack of concern, empathy, or respect to anyone, no matter his/her age or situation.  Because of Greg’s positive attitude, former BHS students today are more motivated and successful in their personal and professional lives because they can still “hear” Greg’s words!

Greg always told me that he was one lucky man and that he was truly blessed to have a fantastic wife, awesome children, and precious grandbabies!  He cherished his family, and his face lit up anytime that he talked of them.  Earlier this school year, his niece, in an essay for my class, wrote this about Uncle Greg:  “I admire my Uncle Greg because he always made time for family.  No matter how he was feeling, he always put on his best face and made sure that everyone was happy.”

Finally, his family wrote these words, which I believe best describe Mr. Greg Bell, Jr. and make him a perfect recipient for this prestigious award:  “Greg was a great man…. He believed in his family, his community, and his students. He also believed in treating people with respect, and his impact on people…is immeasurable.  He will be deeply missed, but his memory will live on through all who were blessed to know [him]….”  Clearly, his legacy to the Boscobel community is truly priceless!

On behalf of the Boscobel chamber of commerce I would like to present the 2020 outstanding citizen award to the family of Greg Bell Jr.