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BHS student explains problem
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November 6, 2015

Boscobel, Wis.


I am a student at Boscobel High School and I want to explain the need for change at our school.

The high school really needs the $6.9 million for upgrades within the school. One of the problems we face as students is going into one class needing to wear coats (which is against the student handbook, by the way), and then going to the next and feeling as if we are in the tropics. It’s super hard to concentrate in this type of environment. During winter the hallways will be warm while the classrooms are freezing.

You may tell us to just deal with it, but when the teachers even start telling you to bring blankets into class, (which is also against the handbook), something needs to change. Sure, you don’t want your taxes to be raised but remember, this generation matters all of our futures.

Please, if you’re one that doesn’t want things to change because you don’t see anything wrong with it, reconsider why. Ask any of us high school students about how much it would mean to us. We will be glad to tell you.

- Brenna Kvigne, Sophomore at BHS