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Communities must maintain their assets
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March 22, 2016

Boscobel, Wis.


Communities have many assets and liabilities.   Boscobel is blessed with many outdoor activities such as trout fishing, kayaking/canoeing and bicycling.  We also are blessed with a hospital, an airport and great city parks.  Other assets we have are not as obvious, yet more valuable:  Our children.

Communities must maintain their assets.  This requires good schools.   Good schools require leaders.   The Boscobel school board has realized that the district has a number of problems which need correction.   Our past leaders have been found wanting and have been removed.   The school board believes it has found its solution with Mr. Bell.

Now the school board must proceed with other improvements that the district needs.  The proposed combination of all of the students into one building makes economic sense.  Once the construction is completed, the district will realize a significant savings with marked reduction in operating expenses.   It will provide our students with many benefits.

We all realize that a good school is a community asset.   If the cost of enabling us to be proud of our community and enabling it to continue to grow is that I have to pay an extra $1.75 per day, it will be worth it in the long run.

The current referendum will provide our students with more athletic opportunities, which was a concern expressed in prior letters to the Editor.   I hope that those individuals who sought these athletic areas, will support the referendum with their letters to the editor.

Thomas G. Pelz