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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Dec. 10
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On killing Keystone

Everyone has an opinion, and in this country everyone has the right to an opinion. A six-paragraph diatribe against a proposed pipeline (Letters, Dec. 3) by someone is an opinion. I respect the right of others to voice an opinion, to vote for their opinion, to argue vehemently for their opinion.

That being said, I do not respect talking point opinions, or baseless accusations against individuals, or companies, or “OMG he said it” corporations.

To argue intelligently and to raise controversial and sometimes unpopular viewpoints takes more then a visit to a couple of like-minded websites and a worldview unclouded by reality.

Nobody gets to make the blanket claim that something is supported by “most” (enter here whatever argument they are trying to “prove”). “Most” is a opinion unless it is substantiated with facts, and then it is a fact relative to those facts and that point in time.

I love public discourse and encourage it, but I also challenge opinions that are floated out as facts without substantial proof. And that is what an opinion sounds like from me.

Doug Bennett

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