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Letters to The Platteville Journal for July 3
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Goodbye, Cable Car

After 37 years of serving our area, Cable Car Travel in Platteville closed its doors Friday.

The years of memories come tumbling forth as I recall Lloyd, Aggie, Stacey and Lynn always going the extra distance to provide the best travel experience for members of my family, and even more importantly, for the hundreds of Thursday’s Child families who were sent on trips near and far to make a child’s wish come true. The most common wishes, of course, were Disney World, but they tackled any of our wishes that required travel. They would communicate directly with each family to make sure they would have the best trip possible, often having to work with a child’s fragile medical condition.

Lloyd Peters was an ardent supporter of his community and worked tirelessly to promote Platteville. He also worked tirelessly to build his company and take care of his customers’ needs. I remember one instance a couple of years before he got sick, it was a Friday afternoon in August, I was with my niece who lived in Washington, D.C., 0and she needed to fly to Harbin, China. Soon. She had not had time to check into flights and time was at a premium, so I called Lloyd. He took all of the information home with him, my niece called him from a parking ramp in Tyson’s Corner, Va., and together they made all of the arrangements, clearly beyond all “office hours.”

His staff was just as dedicated. Aggie Allen, Stacey Faherty and Lynn Conlan put heart and soul into each travel challenge and request. Aggie moved away from Platteville several years ago, Stacey left for Montana a few months ago. At the end of the day today, it is Lynn who singularly walks out of a world that has been hers for all these years. It was a career that required brains and heart and I’m sure that she is leaving a part of that heart behind as she looks toward some much anticipated changes in her life.

Cable Car Travel was a class act and a treasure that was ours in Southwest Wisconsin. I have always depended on Cable Car to take my family and me where we needed to go. And it did.

Noël Ferguson
Mount Hope

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