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Marsden family disgusted by crime
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    When I took my Aug. 25 paper out of the mailbox, I was disgusted to see that a person or group of people disgraced the statue of William Marsden. I want to thank you, Correne, for writing that wonderful editorial reminding the community all that William did while he was alive and what he left them.
    In the editorial you stated, “I can’t even imagine how nauseated he and his family would be to see the park’s property tainted.” Your words describe exactly how this member of the Marsden family feels, and I’m sure my mother-in-law had a similar feeling when she received her paper all the way over in Milwaukee.
    Yes, members of the Marsden family are still present and living in this community. We live on the Marsden family farm, the one William owned over 130 years ago. It has been classified as a century farm. The maiden name of my mother-in-law, Dorthy Winch-Hahn, was Marsden, and our family tree goes back to William.
    I am proud to be an in-law to the Marsden family and its legacy in the Fennimore community. I know that this community will come together to make sure the statue is cleaned and restored. Let’s not forget this great man whose legacy lives on in the laughter of kids playing in the park and families that gather there for reunions. I’m sure William is smiling when he sees generation after generation enjoying what he left behind.
Christina Winch