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Platteville Journal Letters to the Editor for July 25
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Tranel gets small business

I own Timmerman’s Talents LLC. I have been in business in Southwest Wisconsin for approximately 20 years. Over the last six years I have expanded my business, but two years ago the state bureaucracy became more than what I was able to deal with. I began looking at moving to Iowa.

I had the opportunity to talk with Rep. Travis Tranel at that point. He worked with me on several occasions to deal with state agencies and help me cut through red tape.  Rep. Tranel is the only reason that my business is still located in Wisconsin. I was and am very impressed with not only his willingness to listen to issues, but to also do something about them.  Travis has a record of supporting small businesses and working well with others. He has earned my support for re-election Aug. 14.

On a side note, I appreciate his positive campaign.

Todd Timmerman

5381 Beagle Lane, Platteville

Kehle and the GOP

I would like to point out why I believe that Dave Kuhle is worthy of getting the GOP nomination to the Wisconsin Assembly. I am glad that Dave still wants to run for office because he sees that Madison must be reformed.

The members of the Republican Party of Grant County elected Dave to leadership positions six times. He worked for 12 years to elect Republicans to balance the state budget, and in 2010 was awarded the Wisconsin Award by the state GOP as county chairman.

As long as I have known Dave, he insisted that budgets must be balanced, and his long record of public service to farm organizations and the school board proved that he did exactly what he said he was going to do.

Last year Travis Tranel voted against the budget repair bill in March, that put Wisconsin on the right track. Then after the hard votes were taken, Tranel voted  “yes” on the easy vote in June, on the final budget — claiming that he balanced the state budget.

Dave has my support because I believe that he will use his lifetime of experience to keep Wisconsin’s budget balanced, lower taxes and get people working again.

Rodger Cockrum

774 Enloe Road, Rewey

On sand mining

We recently had a forum on the Silica Sand Mine in June, in which a large group of concerned people did appear to listen to speakers, farmers and people who have strong issues about the sand mine all over our area and county.
When the high truck traffic was traveling east and west, full and empty, through the heart of Wauzeka, I have many concerns.

What about the groundwater they could be contaminating despite drought situations over all of the nation. Why should they be able to continue to draw up water resources, flush the earth to get the sand that they need, when very soon our farmers won’t have any crops to feed our people, animals or other countries? We can’t eat sand, oil, natural gas and murky contaminated water.

Have you seen an aerial picture of a sand mine? Another rape of Mother Earth. What can she do to recover from this when the mine is all done with her — a greedy man-made disaster! What happened to the wildlife that was once there? Migratory birds and different types of species that were there and are now pushed out of there. Think of the scenery that now has changed from green woods and bluffs to ugly brown quarry and mines.

These people who are the “Big Money” for natural gas — they really don’t care about you or I as we have seen so many times in the past with oil disasters or rivers lakes and Gulf contaminations. They just want what they want.
Our mining group, town board and county board need to stop and take a good look at the huge scope of this and put their foot down. We as citizens who pay taxes better get a reality check for your own health and everyone else.

Becky Martin