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Platteville Journal Letters to the Editor for Nov. 21
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Four years of freebies

I know why President Obama was reelected. Voters in high-unemployment states like the president. Why? Because the federal government is paying the jobless, extending unemployment benefits, food stamps and even stealing from Social Security.

OK, America, let’s all get on the bandwagon and raise our tin cup for our freebies. Is this what we want in the United States? The middle class is poor and the poor are getting rich.

Well, I’m getting on the phone and seeing what programs I can sign up for. (I surely don’t want to be left out of this scam.) Make sure you pick up the phone and call for your freebies. I think I’m going to like this free ride. (Ha.)

Carla Cooke

Library needs more space

If you have been to the Platteville Public Library, you’ll know how small the building is. This building needs to be expanded to better serve the community. There are many important reasons to invest in our library.

In the last five years, circulation figures from annual reports show that usage has increased each year. If we expand, we could have separate spaces for different needs and have child, teen and adult areas. There is only one quiet room in this entire building, and it is also used for staff meetings.

The library lacks computer space. Right now there are three teen, six child (three games and three Internet), and 12 adult computers. People come to use the free WiFi to do job applications, write resumes and get information on job openings.

The library offers free computer classes, but some people have to be turned away because the room can only seat a limited number. Space is so tight that when new books come in many of the current books have to be recycled, sold or discarded. A library needs to add to its resources and have the room to grow.

A free public library is important to any community. Platteville and other towns are facing budget cuts and the economy isn’t the greatest. The city has many projects to consider; however, expanding this building should be a priority. It will make the community a better place to live.

David G. Sunderdance
19600 Jenkins Lane, Platteville

The editorial I

You said recently that the opinions you express are yours alone, and not those of The Platteville Journal. I suppose that large newspapers have editorial boards, whose members jointly compose “the paper’s” opinion. But I doubt that The Platteville Journal has an editorial board, and that the editor’s opinion is taken as The Journal’s opinion. But, it was a noble attempt to split hairs on your part anyway.

Fritz Domann
2306 Stumptown Road, Platteville

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