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Vote for change in Bridgeport Township
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What "Change" stands for                              
                  Check current encumbents out of office
            By tHe people/for the people
            SustAined future in protecting the land and rural character
        Bring Integrity back to our representatives
            Bridgeport round-a-bout talk stops now!
              OpEn and transparency

I believe and can't see how the Bridgeport Planning Commission and the Board can sleep at night or face the township. I can't see or believe how they can live with themselves each day with the agendas pushed through. Most of all, I was there at these meetings and can honestly report that what this all comes down to is THE GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB . Most residents either knew this or just have learned this already.  These officials seem to push and pass anything that comes in front of them from inside their own little group and maybe this was the reason for the Sheriff at the last meeting. I have lived in Bridgeport Township all my life, and looks to me like I'd have to join the club to get something passed or people wanting cheaper taxes.There repatation,not mine

I'm voting FOR change because of:
1) Lack of leadership in meetings
2) Lack of protecting and serving the majority of the public
3)Lack of being open to the public and short notice of meetings
4)Lack of answering any of our questions and most of concerns from the residents
5)Lack of following the zoning laws and enforcing them
6)Lack of allowing public comment at meetings
7)Lack of the Town board living full time in the township
8)Serving special interests instead of the entire community
9)Ignoring citizen petitions
10)Lack of research on the issues that was even provided to them by us

According to Linda Smrcina, Town Clerk and Planning Commission member, the Commission did attempt to address citizen concerns. What a joke. There was no one that answered any of our questions and we are being ignored. You can look at this web site to get your opinion: .

 If anyone is interested to see what I’m saying, please go to Youtube and watch the meetings recently  .I encourage everyone to watch it as well as the 3-27-13 meeting, which should be coming soon on Youtube.

 It's also most important to note that every 2 years when people go to vote, that they see the present assessor as the only canadate running. Why?.Because our township had set up in the past that, to assess taxes in Bridgeport township you must live with in the township. How crazy is this? It means that he is the only one who CAN run in our township!

 People as well must know who you’re voting for. Two of supervisors have either an interest in mining or will be profiting from the mine. Don't think that this mine is the only in Bridgeport township to come.

 People all know about the good old boys club in Bridgeport and need to get out and vote this year. It's time for BIG change and long over due change.

 Vote for Big,Real change ; Arnie Steele - Chairman      Rodney Fishler for Supervisor     Shelia Linder- for Clerk       Rose Trautsch - for Treasure

Mark Fishler -Bridgeport resident