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Hillsboro runners work double duty
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     WESTBY — A week after extreme heat forced the cancellation of the Viroqua Invitational, the Hillsboro cross country team was back in action performing double duty.

     The Tigers first competed in the Westby Invitational last Thursday, then closed out the week at Saturday’s River Valley Blackhawk Invitational.

     The Hillsboro boys finished eighth out of 14 teams Thursday at Westby with 201 points. Boscobel edged Westby, 59–62, to win the boys’ team title.

     Sophomore Dacoda Wells paced the Tigers with a 14th-place finish at 18:46. Junior Zach O’Hair finished 34th in 19:57.

     Senior Destiny Shore continues to lead the Hillsboro girls with 2014 state-qualifier Annie Haas out of the lineup. Shore finished 25th on Thursday with a time of 23:40. Freshman Paige Stull was 38th at 25:05.

     The Hillsboro girls finished 10th with 286 points. Westby easily held off Boscobel, 37–63, to win the girls’ team title.

     Saturday at the River Valley Invitational, the Hillsboro boys finished ninth out of 18 teams in the small schools division. Darlington won the team crown with 38 points.

     Wells finished 27th to lead the Tigers at 18:43, followed by O’Hair (47th, 19:46), freshman Dawson Cordner (50th, 19:48), sophomore Drew Bisarek (60th, 20:13), senior Skyler Fisher (68th, 20:36), sophomore Jason Griffiths (20:55) and Cameron Haas (96th, 22:35).

     “On the boys side we have a good young group,” said Hillsboro head coach Ben Leis. “They are feeding off each other at practice and are headed in the right direction. The big story here is sophomore first-year runner Dakota Wells has emerged as our top runner and will be a serious contender to win the conference meet.”

     On the girls’ side, Leis elected to run only Shore and Stull in Saturday’s varsity girls race, with the rest of his girls running in the JV competition.

     Stull finished 41st out of 103 runners at 23:03.25, while Shore was 44th at 23:06.69.

     “It was a great day for us. We had a lot of PRs,” added Leis. “Some of the girls cut minutes off of their times. Destiny Shore is the girls captain this year. She is running very well and is running times at the begging of this season that she was running at the end of last year.”

     Hillsboro will return to action Saturday at the Brookwood Invitational in Ontario. The Tigers will also run at the Holmen Invitational at Tuesday.

Westby Invitational
(from Thursday, Sept. 10 @ Westby)
Team scores:
1.Westby 37, 2.Boscobel 63, 3.Melrose–Mindoro 79, 4.Brookwood 132, 5.Prairie du Chien 146, 6.Viroqua 156, 7.Onalaska Luther 209, 8.Blair–Taylor 232, 9.North Crawford 246, 10.Hillsboro 286, 11.Cashton 307, 12.New Lisbon 334, 13.Kickapoo/La Farge 348, 14.Royall inc.
Top individuals:1.Elana Schmidt (Westby) 20:06, 2.Jillian Weston (Viroqua) 20:19, 3.MacKenzie Kauffman (Boscobel) 20:56, 4.Alivia Fuhrman (Luther) 21:41, 5.Ally Nelson (Brookwood) 21:45.
Hillsboro: 25.Destiny Shore 23:40, 38.Paige Stull 25:05, 85.Belinda Griffin 29:38, 99.Lydia Westedt 31:24, 103.Kelly Parish 32:08, 106.Kailey Preuss 32:43.
5,000 meters
Team scores:
  1.Boscobel 59, 2.Westby 62, 3.Viroqua 63, 4.Onalaska Luther 144, 5.Prairie du Chien 172, 6.Brookwood 183, 7.Blair–Taylor 194, 8.Hillsboro 201, 9.Kickapoo/La Farge 206, 10.Melrose–Mindoro 229, 11.North Crawford 231, 12.Royall 386, 13.New Lisbon inc., Cashton inc.
Top individuals: 1.Dakota Kauffman (Boscobel) 16:45, 2.Spencer Oftedahl (Westby) 16:58, 3.Mason Geary (Kickapoo/La Farge) 17:04, 4.Effi Sutherland (Viroqua) 17:21, 5.Hayden Fredrickson (Westby) 17:25.
Hillsboro: 14.Dakota Wells 18:46, 34.Zach O’Hair 19:57, 49.Dawson Cordner 20:39, 57.Skyler Fisher 21:02, 67.Drew Bisarek 21:39, 75.Cameron Haas 22:10, 128.Adrian Marquez 29:45.
5,000 meters

River Valley Blackhawk Invitational
(from Saturday, Sept. 12 @ Spring Green)

Small schools team scores: 1.Albany 84, 2.Lancaster 88, 3.Darlington 95, 4.Boscobel 97, 5.Wisconsin Heights 149, 6.Palmyra–Eagle 168, 7.Brookwood 200, 8.New Glarus/Monticello 201, 9.Prairie du Chien 217, 10.Madison Country Day/Abundant Life 283, 11.Pecatonica/Argyle 291, 12.Belleville 292, 13.Fennimore 318, 14.Gibraltar 371, 15.Necedah 392, 16.Hillsboro inc., Iowa–Grant inc., Riverdale inc.
Top individuals:1.Noelle Marie (Belleville) 19:06.04, 2.Lydia Murphy (Lancaster) 19:53.97, 3.Ciara Kaderly (Albany) 19:56.39, 4.Mackenzie Kauffman (Boscobel) 20:10.91, 5.Allyson Nelson (Brookwood) 21:04.54.
Hillsboro: 41.Paige Stull 23:02.25, 44.Destiny Shore 23:06.69,
Hillsboro JV results: 90.Amy Salisbury 26:25, 105.Belinda Griffin 27:04, 117.Lydia Westedt 27:58, 122.Kelly Parish 30:08, 126.Jaline Attignol 31:22.
5,000 meters
Team scores:  1.Darlington 38, 2.Boscobel 68, 3.Albany 117, 4.Wisconsin Heights 164, 5.Bellevile 177, 6.Prairie du Chien 206, 7.New Glarus/Monticello 213, 8.Brookwood 238, 9.Hillsboro 252, 10.Lancaster 266, 11.Iowa–Grant 255, 12.Gibraltar 273, 13.Riverdale 304, 14.Necedah 354, 15.Madison Country Day/Abundant Life 355, 16.Palmyra–Eagle 361, 17.Fennimore 448, 18.Pecatoinica/Argyle 476.
Top individuals: 1.Dakota Kauffman (Boscobel) 16:26.29, 2.Jaden Komprood 16:29.24, 3.Brian Mathews (Riverdale) 16:54.18, 4.Jordan Molzof (Boscobel) 17:11.87, 5.Tyler Gilbertson (Belleville) 17:14.33.
Hillsboro: 27.Dakota Wells 18:43, 47.Zach O’Hair 19:46, 50.Dawson Cordner 19:48, 60.Drew Bisarek 20:13, 68.Skyler Fisher 20:36, 74.Jason Griffiths 20:55, 96.Cameron Haas 22:35.
5,000 meters