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Bulldogs fall to Redbirds
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- photo by Julie Zart

BOSCOBEL - It was a rather electric night at Casey Nice Memorial Football Field last Friday.  

As part of “Youth Spirit Days,” many young future cheerleaders helped perform with the Bulldog cheerleading squad and fifth and sixth grade football players played flag football at halftime.  

“It was so nice to see all of the young students and their families at the game on Friday night,” said Coach Joey Martin. “We have almost 50 youth flag football players, which is really nice to see and should be a definite positive for the future of our programs.”

Sadly, it was a heavy loss, 69-0, for the Bulldogs football team as they hosted the Darlington Redbirds.

Darlington’s offense was able to block efforts to move the ball downfield. Boscobel had a moment of promise after Kyle Wetter was able to make a 39-yard gain, but the talented Redbirds team made things very difficult on the Bulldogs, much like they have for all of their opponents this year.

The Redbirds hit the field running last Friday night, putting up incredible stats and numbers.  

“Darlington was truly an incredible team and they know it,” said the coach. “I think that anyone could easily say that the 2016 Darlington team is the best that they have ever seen. They were very talented and will be fun to watch go deep into the playoffs and potentially a state appearance again this season. Unfortunately, we are obviously not at that point yet and are committed to continuing to climb the ladder of success.

“Our goal last Friday was to find positives wherever we could, and we as coaches firmly believe we came out with a lot of positives. Our kids made some big plays, key tackles, flowed to the ball with 11 hits, and executed several offensive plays very well. We know we are getting there, we all have to be patient as we progress.”

Boscobel will travel to the co-op Ridge and Valley team Seneca-Wauzeka-Steuben for a unique second time this season starting at 7 p.m. on Friday.

The Blue Golds record is currently 3-1 in conference and 4-2 overall. The Bulldogs are 1-3 in conference and 1-5 overall.