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Cagers end season with loss to Luther
Round 1 of WIAA playoffs
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BOSCOBEL - The Boscobel boys’ basketball team gave visiting Cuba City a run for the money in the final game of the Bulldog’s regular season last Thursday.

The Bulldogs looked like they might pull off a narrow win through much of the first half, as they would push ahead of the Cubans only to see Cuba City catch back up. The Cubans were finally able to push ahead heading into the half, to leave the Bulldogs trailing 25-28.

The Bulldogs maintained their fast pace, making Cuba City work hard for the win. Fouling troubles gave the visitors too many chances from the free throw line in the second half. The Cubans were able to capitalize on those opportunities, shooting 13 of 17 from the charity stripe. That helped undermine the Bulldogs strong performance from the outside court where Tommy Monroe and Treston Davidson were each able to score a pair of three-pointers and Chandler Cashman contributing a single three-pointer.

Boscobel fell in the second half by only a single point, 27-28.

The Cubans, third in conference, won 56-52.

The Bulldogs finished their conference season in sixth place with a 4-10 record and 11-11 overall.

Leading in scoring was Dallas Marks with 16 points, followed by Davidson with 14 points and Monroe with 12.

Seniors honored

The final game of the regular season also served as Senior Night for the Bulldogs, who will lose six team members to graduation this year – Ryan Latham, Chandler Cashman, Tommy Monroe, Daniel Lejman, Treston Davidson, Hunter Reynolds, and Ethan Lucas.

Also graduating are team managers Chase Kull and Hali Cook.

Vs. Luther

The Bulldogs faced Luther on the home court in the first round of WIAA playoffs on Tuesday.

Luther came to the game in last place in the Coulee conference, with a 0-12 record. Despite the poor standings, the Knights field a slightly larger, taller team with a sizable number of experienced players.

It made for a highly competitive, and well matched game.

The Bulldogs came out onto the court with determination and kept Luther even or trailing through much of the first half. Not until the Bulldogs began to show some fatigue at the pace the Knights set did the advantage begin to slip, allowing Luther to outscore the Bulldogs in the final minutes. The Bulldogs headed into the half trailing 37-42.

The rapid pace continued when the Bulldogs and Knight returned to the floor. But the second half saw the Bulldogs plagued by fouls that gave the Knights far too many opportunities from the free throw line. The Knights were able to convert 24 attempts into 19 additional points.

The Knights were also successful in slowing down Dallas Marks. Marks was successful in bringing the ball to the net repeatedly in the first half with seven two-pointers and a single three-pointer. But the second half saw him held to a pair of two-pointers.

Ryan Latham was able to pick up a few more shots, with two three-pointers supplied from the outside, but it was not enough to tip the balance for the Bulldogs who ended the second half outscored again, 49-36, for a final score of 73-91.

In the top five

Senior Ryan Latham ended his basketball career, joining the ranks of the top five Bulldog players for scoring with 1,056 points.

He supplants Steve Larson, the previous number five scoring player with 950 points.

Boys Basketball Career Points, Top Five:

Craig Molldrem – 1,430

Dave Molldrem – 1,343

Troy Fischer – 1,111

Travis Harris – 1,107

Ryan Latham – 1,056

Girls Basketball Career Points, Top Five:

Cherryl Mayne – 1,084

Kaye Krogen - 922

Teesha Moret - 863

Hilary Nugent - 829

Lynne Fitzgerald - 733

Amy Beck – 733