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Neuroth's dramatic pin lifts Fennimore to team title at Denver Duals
Fennimore senior Trevor Neuroth's 47-second pin of Nathan Eggena sealed second-ranked Fennimore's 4237 victory over Denver (ranked third in Iowa) at Saturday's Denver Duals Tournament.

DENVER, Iowa — Fennimore head coach Chad Steldt was quick to put Friday’s sluggish performance in a 48–20 SWAL dual meet victory over Riverdale in the rear view mirror, declaring Saturday, “a brand new day.”

His Golden Eagles took full advantage of a fresh start Saturday with five straight victories to claim the title at the 10-team Denver Duals Tournament.

“What a change from the night before,” said Steldt. “Maybe it was the bus ride. This team has usually risen to the competition, and at times overcame it. This weekend was no different.”

Senior Trevor Neuroth’s dramatic 47-second pin of Denver’s Nathan Eggena at 182 pounds, in the final match of the team tournament, lifted the Fennimore to a wild 42–37 victory in the championship match.

Fennimore (13–3) defeated Mediaoplis 59–10, Mid-Prairie 78–6, Mercs 78–3, and Dyersville Beckman Catholic 54–15 to win the Freshwater pool and advance to the championship match against host Denver.

The championship pitted Fennimore against one of the top programs in Iowa, Denver. Denver has sent several kids as of late to the college Division I level. They are currently ranked third in Iowa and have beaten the top two teams in Iowa in Division 2 and 3. They have also a win against a nationally ranked team New Hampton. 

“We were underdogs,” said Steldt. “The boys did not know though, and they competed as they did all day. The dual overall was a fight, and the fans loved it.”

 It all started at 195 and 220, where juniors Brayden Leffler and Cameron Allen made quick work of their opponents, pinning both them in the first two minutes. 

Then, Denver went on a run, with pins at 285, 106, 113 to take an 18–12 lead. 

Fennimore sophomore Mason Lull slowed the bleeding with a 12–2 loss to Isaac Schimmels at 120, which proved to be huge. 

“Lull was outsized, and it was his first tournament back,” said Steldt. “He showed real grit.” 

Sophomore Aidan Nutter got the Eagels going again, hitting two nice laterals and pinning his opponent at 126. 

Junior Trevor Wanek and senior Riley Blair both recorded pin falls at 138 and 145 to give the Eagles a 30–28 lead, and it seemed Fennimore had momentum once again, but sophomore Maguire Fitzgerald had a tall order ahead. 

He was going against Caleb Wilson, the top-ranked wrestler in Iowa at 152. 

Maguire lost by a 7–2 decision, but once again gave up only three teams points instead of six which was and is very crucial in such a close dual. 

Sophomore Will Ahnen found himself against an old opponent at 160, in John Ebaugh, who he has never beat. 

But Ahnen ame out firing. He got a takedown in the first 30 seconds and then would find a arm bar to end the match with a 2:59 pin as Fennimore reclaimed the lead at 36–31. 

Senior Tyler Klaas suffered a pin to Cael Kreuger, the second-ranked wrestler in Iowa at 170, as Denver grabbed a slim 37–36 lead entering the final match.

Senior Trevor Neuroth was called upon for the win. He did a great job securing his takedown and working on his pin. After securing the arm bar and wrist, Neuroth would got the fall and the win for the team less than a minute into the match.

“This was a great dual, with ups and downs,” said Steldt. “The day was tough for some, wrestling some of the best kids in the upper Midwest. At the end of the day, the coaching staff was just so impressed how the boys battled. Even in the last dual, we lost the momentum and then gained it back to lose it again. The team definitely can compete, and they love to get after it. They just need to do it more consistently.”

NEXT: Coach Steldt’s Eagles (8–3, 5–0 SWAL) can close out an undefeated SWAL duals season with a win at Mineral Point this Friday night.


Devner Duals

(from Friday, Jan 19 @ Denver, Iowa)

Atkins pool: Denver 3–1, Sioux City East 3–1, Stewartville 3–1, Tipton 1–3, North Fayette Valley 0–4. 

Freshwater pool: Fennimore 4–0, Dyersville Beckman Catholic 3–1, Mid-Prairie 2–2, Mercs 1–3, Mediapolis 0–4.

Championship Match

Fennimore 42, Denver 37

195 - Brayden Leffler (F) over Brandon Maitland (D) Fall 1:34. 220 - Cameron Allen (F) over Luis Banos (D) Fall 0:49. 285 - Brock Farley (D) over Logan OBrien (F) Fall 0:13. 106 - Brooks Meyer (Denver) over Brody Lee (F) Fall 1:53. 113 - Jacob Moore (D) over Luke Blair (F) Fall 1:09. 120 - Isaac Schimmels (D) over Mason Lull (F) Maj 12-2. 126 - Aidan Nutter (F) over Brody Shover (D) Fall 1:05. 132 - Gabriel Lewis (D) over Kohl Wardell (F) Fall 1:56. 138 - Trevor Wanek (F) over Ben Foelske (D) Fall 1:24. 145 - Riley Blair (F) over Logan Meyer (D) Fall 0:52. 152 - Caleb Wilson (D) over Maguire Fitzgerald (F) Dec 7-2. 160 - Will Ahnen (Fennimore) over John Ebaugh (D) Fall 2:59. 170 - Cael Krueger (D) over Tyler Klaas (F) Fall 2:00. 182 - Trevor Neuroth (F) over Nathan Eggena (D) Fall 0:47.


Round Robin matches

Fennimore 59, Mediapolis 10

106 - Brody Lee (F) over Jordan Riherd (M) Fall 1:27. 113 - Luke Blair (F) won by foefeit. 120 - Mason Lull (F) won by forfeit. 126 - Double Forfeit. 132 - Aidan Nutter (F) over Reese Thornburg (M) Dec 13-6. 138 - Trevor Wanek (F) over Daryun Kreft (M) Fall 3:53. 145 - Riley Blair (F) over Caden Benz (M) Maj 11-1. 152 - Maguire Fitzgerald (F) over Hunter Aney (M) Maj 9-1. 160 - Brennan Swafford (M) over Will Ahnen (F) Maj 15-4. 170 - Tyler Klaas (F) won by forfeit. 182 - Trevor Neuroth (F) won by forfeit. 195 - Brayden Leffler (F) won by forfeit. 220 - Cameron Allen (F) won by forfeit. 285 - Brennan Breuer (M) over Logan OBrien (F) Fall 0:12.


Fennimore 78, Mid-Prairie 6

160 - Will Ahnen (F) over Ben Meader (M-P) Fall 1:39. 170 - Tyler Klaas (F) over Cory Allen (M-P) Fall 5:20. 182 - Trevor Neuroth (F) over Colton Allen (M-P) Fall 3:04.  - Brayden Leffler (F) won by forfeit. 220 - Cameron Allen (F) over Isaac Boucher (M-P) Fall 0:33. 285 - Logan OBrien (F) won by forfeit. 106 - Brody Lee (F) over Nathan Quimby (M-P) Fall 1:13. 113 - Luke Blair (F) over Tobin Miller (M-P) Fall 4:27. 120 - Mason Lull (F) over Dallas Miller (M-P) Fall 0:47. 126 - Aidan Nutter (F) over Eli Steckly (M-P) Fall 1:00. 132 - Vinnie Bowlin (M-P) over Kohl Wardell (F) Fall 2:52. 138 - Trevor Wanek (F) over David Murray (M-P) Fall 4:00. 145 - Riley Blair (F) over Miles Burrows (M-P) Fall 1:07. 152 - Maguire Fitzgerald (F) over Joe Allred (M-P) Fall 1:03.


Fennimore 78, Mercs 3

170 - Tyler Klaas (F) over Beau Stutzman (M) Fall 1:34. 182 - Trevor Neuroth (F) over Cole Domeyer (M) Fall 1:03. 195 - Brayden Leffler (F) won by forfeit. 220 - Cameron Allen (F) won by forfeit. 285 - Logan OBrien (F) over Isaiah Corbin (M) Fall 0:50. 106 - Chase Lyons (M) over Brody Lee (F) Dec 8-6. 113 - Luke Blair (F) over Tommy Mulert (M) Fall 1:27. 120 - Mason Lull (F) over Carter Gaul (M) Fall 0:54. 126 - Aidan Nutter (F) over Will Laures (M) Fall 0:33. 132 - Kohl Wardell (F)) over Cole Miller (M) Fall 0:46. 138 - Trevor Wanek (F) over Alex Streif (M) Fall 1:38. 145 - Riley Blair (F) over Luke Hirsch (M) Fall 0:21. 152 - Maguire Fitzgerald (F) over Dominic McCain (M) Fall 0:15. 160 - Will Ahnen (F) over Elishia Sir-Louis (M) Fall 0:56.


Fennimore 54, Dyersville Beckman 15

182 - Owen Grover (B) over Trevor Neuroth (F) Dec 6-0. 195 - Brayden Leffler (F) over Austin Koopman (B) Fall 1:43. 220 - Cameron Allen (F) over Spencer Schlarmann (B) Fall 1:31. 285 - Logan OBrien (F) won by forfeit. 106 - Brody Lee (F) over Danil Kobusch (B) Fall 2:14. 113 - Luke Blair (F) over Mason Recker (B) Maj 10-0. 120 - Mason Lull (F) over Nick Hageman (B) Fall 2:36. 126 - Aidan Nutter (F) over Michael Roling (B) Fall 1:15. 132 - Grant Hoeger (B) over Kohl Wardell (F) Fall 1:42. 138 - Trevor Wanek (F) over Kael Kruse (B) Fall 1:53. 145 - Riley Blair (F) over Jake Recker (Bic) Dec 5-4. 152 - Maguire Fitzgerald (F) over Riley Fangman (B) TF 17-0. 160 - Luke Hageman (B) over Will Ahnen (F) Dec 7-0. 170 - Evan Wulfekuhle (B) over Tyler Klaas (F) Dec 5-1.


Golden Eagles improve to 5–0 in SWAL duals with win over Riverdale

The Golden Eagles clinched at least a share of another SWAL duals title with a 48–20 victory over visiting Riverdale last Friday night.

Fennimore (5–0 in SWAL duals) won five of the nine contested matches and picked up four forfeits in the lop-sided win.

“It was a sub-par night,” said Steldt. “It is hard to get up for these duals, where we see so many forfeits. The bad deal is that Riverdale’s coach said they would have a full line up this year, but he was drastically mistaken. With that aside, our boys did not perform well.”


Fennimore 48, Riverdale 20

(from Friday, Jan 19 @ Fennimore)

Fennimore individual results

106: Brody Lee (F) over Justice Dilley (R) (Dec 5-2). 113: Luke Blair (F) won by forfeit. 120: Mason Lull (F) won by forfeit. 126: Aidan Nutter (F) over Shale Meyer (R) (MD 21-10). 132: Kohl Wardell (F) over Trey Schneider (R) (Dec 6-4). 138: Trevor Wanek (F) won by forfeit. 145: Riley Blair (F) won by forfeit. 152: Maguire Fitzgerald (F) won by forfeit. 160: Will Ahnen (F) over Brian Bieri (RIVE) (TF 18-3 4:15). 170: Tyler Hach (R) over Tyler Klaas (F) (Fall 5:09). 182: Trevor Neuroth (F) over Terry Hrubes (R) (Dec 8-2). 195: Caleb Johnson (R) over Brayden Leffler (F) (TF 22-7 5:30). 220: Garret Wilmot (R) over Cameron Allen (F) (Dec 5-0). 285: Sean Deglow (R) over Dylan Kehoe (F) (Fall 3:01).