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Chilly morning run
Platteville's Vince Momot finishes fifth at Dick McKichan Invite
pla cc girls
Plattevilles Holly Kasper (9669) and Allie Serres (left) led the Platteville girls to 12th place finish in the large schools division of the Dick McKichan Platteville Invitational. Serres placed 59th out of 159 runners in the girls varsity race. Kasper placed 81st.

More than 650 runners from 29 teams and even twice that number of spectators braved the drizzling rain and temperatures in the high 30s Saturday morning at the Platteville Golf and Country Club.

This year’s Platteville Invitational was held on the golf course rather than its traditional home at the Veterans Park Course on the campus of UW–Platteville due to damage to the course from this summer’s tornado.

Platteville junior Vince Momot and sophomore Dan Iselin were spectacular despite the chilly conditions.

Momot was strong throughout finishing fifth out 175 runners in the boys’ varsity race with a time of 16:41.2 on the 5,000 meter course.

Iselin was nearly as good, placing 11th overall, and eighth in the large schools, division with a time of 17:02.4.

Senior Colten Henry finished 45th (18:27.5), senior Max Frommelt was 47th (18:28.8), junior Tom Lambert 77th (19:09.7), junior Blake Julius 87th (19:25.4) and senior Mike Donovan was 106th (19:44.1) to round out Platteville’s varsity lineup.

The Hillmen boys finished sixth out of 14 teams in the large schools division with 124 points.

McFarland won the boys’ large schools title just nipping Madison Edgewood and individual runner-up Morgan O’Flaherty, 72–77.

Bosocbel’s Dakota Kauffman was the overall winner at 16:13.3, but Kauffman’s Bulldogs (78) finished second to Darlington (29), which dominated the boys’ small schools competition.

Led by seniors Jordan Jenks and Ethan McCracken, the Iowa–Grant/Highland boys placed sixth in the boys’ small schools division with 146 points.

Jenks placed 33rd overall and 11th in the small schools division with a time of 18:03.9. McCracken finished 66th overall and 26th in the small schools division at 18:55.7.

Sophomore William McLeer placed 31st in the small schools division, 86th overall, at 19:24.9.

Serres, Kasper lead Platteville girls

Seniors Allie Serres and Holly Kasper led the Platteville girls to 12th place finish in the large schools division of the girls’ varsity race.

Serres finished 59th overall with a time of 22:14.7, while Kasper placed 81st (22:45.8). Sophomore Sami Brookens finished 85th (22:54.1) followed by Julia Evans (104th, 23:48.6) and Maggie Durni (111th, 24:03.2).

Iowa–Grant junior Angela Melby paced the I–G/Highland girls finishing 114th out of 159 runners in the girls’ varsity race at 24:09.3.

Julia Cockcroft finished 140th (26:16.9) as the Lady Panthers finished ninth in the small schools division with 245 points.

Darlington held off Lancaster 53–58 to win the girls’ small schools title.

McFarland edged Dodge/Point to win the girls’ large schools division 50–57.

Dick McKichan Platteville Invitational
(from Saturday, Oct. 4 @ Platteville G&CC)
(Girls, 5,000 meters)
Large schools team scores: 1.McFarland 50, 2.Dodgeville/Mineral Point 57, 3.Madison Eddgewood 123, 4.Monroe 130, 5.Mauston 161, 6.Lodi 161, 7.Wisconsin Dells 211, 8.New Glarus Monticello 215, 9.Sauk Prairie 227, 10.Evansville 240, 11.Brodhead/Juda 275, 12.Platteville 293, 13.River Valley 315.
Small schools team scores: 1.Darlington 53, 2.Lancaster 58, 3.Boscobel 59, 4.Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld 80, 5.Brookwood 143, 6.Belleville 164, 7.Fennimore 203, 8.Pecatonica/Argyle 206, 9.Iowa–Grant/Highland 246.
Top individuals all divisions: 1.Amy Davis (Edgewood) 18:04.7, 2.Hannah Owens (Dodge/Point) 19:13, 3.McKenzie Kruchten (Lodi) 19:33.6, 4.Noelle Maire (Belleville) 19:40.7, 5.Keely Foley (Boscobel) 19:46.7.
Platteville: 59.Allie Serres 22:14.7, 81.Holly Kasper 22:45.8, 85.Sami Brookens 22:54.1, 104.Julia Evans 23:48.6, 111.Maggie Durni 24:03.2, 120.Grace Hammermeister 24:25.9, 123.McKenzie Scanlan 24:32.9.
Iowa–Grant: 114.Angela Melby 24:09.3, 140.Julia Cockcroft 26:16.9, 149.Caitlyn Fowell 27:18.0, 151.Makayla Dicken 28:12.2, 154.Amber Heard 29:31.1, 156.Rebecca Singer 30:24.8.
(Boys, 5,000 meters)
Large schools team scores: 1.McFarland 72, 2.Madison Edgewood 77, 3.Mauston 91, 4.Dodgeville/Mineral Point 110, 5.Monroe 119, 6.Platteville 124, 7.New Glarus/Monticello 187, 8.Lodi 236, 9.Brodhead/Juda 251, 10.Sauk Prairie 262, 11.River Valley 272, 12.Wisconsin Dells 298, 13.Evansville 372, 14.Southwestern/Cuba City 417.
Small schools team scores: 1.Darlington 29, 2.Boscobel 78, 3.Lancaster 94, 4.Brookwood 115, 5.Albany 145, 6.Iowa–Grant/Highland 146, 7.Belleville 157, 8.Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld 172, 9.Prairie du Chien 206, 10.Fennimore 265, 11.Saint Ambrose Academy 313.
Top individuals all divisions: 1.Dakota Kauffman (Boscobel) 16:13.3, 2.Morgan O’Flahrity (Edgewood) 16:32.5, 3.Dustin Hatfield (River Valley) 16:36.8, 4.Nick Zolondek (Mauston) 16:40.8, 5.Vince Momot (Platteville) 16:41.2.
Platteville: 5.Vince Momot 16:41.2, 11.Dan Iselin 17:02.4, 45.Colton Henry 18:27.5, 47.Max Frommelt 18:28.8, 77.Tom Lambert 19:09.7, 87.Blake Julius 19:25.4, 106.Mike Donovan 19:44.1.
Iowa–Grant: 33.Jordan Jenks 18:03.9, 66.Ethan McCracken 18:55.7, 86.William McLeer 19:24.9, 104.Ben Connolly 19:42.7, 113.Micah Bomkamp 19:52.8, 117.Cregihton Biddick 19:57.9, 161.Kyle Faull 22:08.7.