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Momot, Iselin pace Platteville at Verona Invite
Hillmen boys finish second in Division 3
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Platteville seniors Dan Iselin (24th overall, 5th in D3) and Vince Momot (6th overall, D3 individual champion) turned in top-5 performances to lead the Hillmen to second-place finish in Division 3 at Saturdays Verona Invitational.

     VERONA — Platteville senior Vince Momot won the boys’ Division 3 individual title at Saturday’s Verona Invitational and in the process led the Hillmen to a second-place finish in the 10-team Division 3 field.

     Momot placed sixth overall out of 170 runners in the boys’ varsity race with a time of 16:39.

     “Vince had a great race, placing sixth overall in an extraordinary field,” said Platteville coach Rob Serres.

     Fellow senior Dan Iselin finished 24th overall and fifth in D3 at 17:26 to give the Hillmen a formidable 1–2 punch at the front of their pack.

     Freshman Jace Serres placed eighth in D3 (44th overall) and was the second fastest freshman in the entire field at 17:48.

     Junior Brelynn Updike, who played volleyball the past two years, paced the Platteville girls with a time of 22:35, which was good for 14th in Division 3 and 56th overall.

     “Brelynn Updike was our top runner and looks great,” said Serres. “I was really pleased with our young teams.”

     Platteville traveled to Dodgeville for an SWC dual on Tuesday and will next compete in the Luther College All-American Invitational on Saturday.

Verona Invitational
(from Saturday, Sept. 5 @ Verona)
(Girls, 5,000 meters)

Division 3 team scores: 1.Westby 61, 2.La Crosse Aquinas 66, 3.Boscobel 109, 4.Whitewater 110, 5.Mauston 135, 6.Platteville 161, 7.Wisconsin Dells 167, 8.East Troy 174, 9.New Glarus–Montello 197, 10.Westfield Area/Monticello 217.
Overall medalist: 1.McKensey Van Wie (Sun Prairie) 19:11.79.
D3 top individuals: 1.Elena Schmidt (Westby) 20:32, 2.Andrea Sandoval (Whitewater) 20:40, 3.Monica Jaled (Wisc. Dells) 20:45, 4.Gabrielle Lee (Mauston) 20:49, 5.Allisan Barrett (Whitewater) 20:52.
Platteville (overall, D3): 56(14).Brelynn Updike 22:35, 66(17).Morgan Wehnke 22:46, 121(41).Sami Brookens 24:49, 127(44).Maggie Durni 25:04, 132(45).Grace Hammermeister 25:11, 134(46).Cori Kettler 25:12, 167(66).Rachel Bailie 30:22.
(Boys, 5,000 meters)
Division 3 team scores:
1.La Crosse Aquinas 62, 2.Platteville 70, 3.Westby 85, 4.Boscobel 88, 5.Mauston 92, 6.Whitewater 156, 7.Westfield Area/Montello 161, 8.East Troy 216, 9.Wisconsin Dells 235, 10.New Glarus/Monticello 250.
Overall medalist: 1.Finn Gessner (Madison La Follette) 15:48.10.
D3 top individuals: 1.Vince Momot (Platteville) 16:38, 2.Nick Zolondek (Mauston) 16:50, 3.Spencer Oftedahl (Westby) 16:58, 4.Dakota Kauffman (Boscobel) 17:06, 5.Dan Iselin (Platteville) 17:26.
Platteville (overall, D3): 6(1).Vince Momot 16:39, 24(5).Dan Iselin 17:26, 44(8).Jace Serres 17:48, 90(18).Blake Julius 19:02, 129(38).Jackson Gormley 20:03, 144(44).Eric Wells 20:26, 155(54).Mike Taber 20:58.


Iowa–Grant at Darlington Invitational

     DARLINGTON — The Panthers took part in the 17-team Darlington Invitational on Saturday.

     Junior William McLeer led the Iowa–Grant boys with a 28th-place finish (19:20.6). I–G finished 12th of 13 complete teams in the boys’ competition.

     Only seniors Angela Melby (34th, 24:40.5) and Caitlyn Fowell (70th, 28:00) ran for the incomplete Iowa–Grant girls’ team.

     The host Redbirds won both team titles at the event.

Darlington CC Invitational
(from Saturday, Sept. 5 @ Darlington)
(Girls, 5,000 meters)

Team scores: 1.Darlington 56, 2.Albany 62, 3.Lancaster 71, 4.Dodgeville/Mineral Point 95, 5.Prairie du Chien 145, 6.Pecatonica/Argyle 186 7.Mount Horeb 189, 8.Belleville 204, 9.Fennimore 217, 10.North Crawford 235, 11.Cashton 258, Iowa–Grant inc., Brookwood inc., Southwestern/Cuba City inc., Tri-State Home School inc., Stockton (Ill.) inc., Riverdale inc.,
Top individuals: 1.Noelle Marie (Belleville (19:41.9), 2.Ciara Kaderly (Albany) 20:34.8, 3.Lydia Murphy (Lancaster) 21:03.5, 4.Mackenzie Hall (Dodgeville/Mineral Point) 21:41.5, 5.Anah Witt (Mount Horeb) 21:56.7.
Iowa–Grant: 34.Angela Melby 24:40.5, 70.Caitlyn Fowell 28:00.4.
(Boys, 5,000 meters)
Team scores: 1.Darlington 32, 2.Albany 99, 3.Dodgeville/Mineral Point 109, 4.Lancaster 129, 5.Monroe 140, 6.Prairie du Chien 175, 7.Mount Horeb 181, 8.Belleville 234, 9.Southwestern/Cuba City 234, 10.Riverdale 236, 11.North Crawford 237, 12.Iowa–Grant 238, 13.Pecatonica/Argyle 364, Tri-State Home School inc., Cashton inc., Stockton (Ill.) inc., St. Ambrose Academy inc., Fennimore inc.
Top individuals: 1.Jaden Komprood (Darlington) 16:40.9, 2.Brian Mathews (Riverdale) 17:27.1, 3.John Rollins (Mount Horeb) 17:33, 4.Juan Navarro (Dodgeville/Mineral Point 17:34, 5.Blake Cwynar (Darlington) 17:46.4.
Iowa–Grant: 28.William McLeer 19:20.6, 35.Ben Connolly 19:38.7, 51.Paul Connolly 21:02.4, 55.Easton Dobson 21:14.9, 80.Jacob Soman 25:18.4, 92.Mason Moon 26:05.9, 91.Ben Amend 29:39.