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The show goes on
Despite postponement Platteville hosts 48th consecutive Relays
pla track handoff
Plattevilles Jake Baker hands off to teammate Tanner Ames during the 1,600-meter distance medley relay. Platteville won the event in 3:55.61.

     Even Thursday’s nasty weather couldn’t prevent a streak nearly half a century in the making.
     Last week’s rain showers did postpone and cut the participating field in half, but for the 48th consecutive spring the Platteville Relays were held.
     The Hillmen swept a condensed four-team field Saturday at Platteville High School, but the tradition of one of the most unique local prep track meets remained intact for yet another year.
     “It was so nice to finally have some sunshine this spring,” said Platteville head coach Rob Serres. “You could just feel the positive emotion in the air from the athletes and the spectators.
     “It’s always disappointing to have your relays cancelled, but we were thrilled to keep the 48 year streak intact. My thanks go out to the teams that could make it, and to all of the workers as well.”
     In a unique meet, in which every field event is conducted a two-person team competition Platteville’s team depth easily won out over smaller schools Cuba City, River Ridge and Cassville.
     The Platteville boys scored 72 points, 32 more than runner-up Cuba City (40), to win their team title.
     The Platteville girls also won with 72 points, beating both River Ridge (45) and Cuba City (35).
     Platteville freshman Faye Bailie turned in the highlight of the meet, recording a new freshman team record of 5’3” in the high jump. She combined with Julia Evans to win the event with a combined height of 9–11.
     Fellow freshman Vince Momot turned in the second best 3,200 run by a Platteville frosh with a time of 10:28.58. He won the 2x3,200 relay with teammate David Hahn.
     Junior Ben Bahr cleared 12’6” in the high jump to win the event with Momot with a combined height of 21–6.
     The Platteville boys won all five of the relays, including the sprint medley and the distance medley.
     On the girls’ side junior Danielle Jentz (9’0”) and sophomore Melanie Schaefer (8’0”) won the pole vault with a total of 17 feet.
     Senior Stephanie Philipps won the girls quadrathalon with 2,110 points.
     Monday Platteville traveled to Lancaster for the make-up of the Lancaster Invitational.
     The Platteville boys won Lancaster’s meet with 182 team points.
     The Platteville girls shared the team title with Dodgeville/Mineral Point as both teams tied with 172 points.
     Allie Serres (100, 200, 400), Bahr (pole vault, 4x400 relay, 4x800), Alex Niehaus (4x100, 4x200, 4x400), Ben Kroll (200, 4x100, 4x200) and Alvaro Plaza (100, 4x100, 4x200) were all three-event winners for Platteville.
     Junior Derek Schambow finished second in both the long jump and triple jump.
     Jentz won the pole vault, and finished sixth in the triple jump and 100 hurdles.
     Evans finished second in the 100 hurdles and Bailie placed second in the high jump.

48th Annual Platteville Relays
(from Saturday, April 20 @ Platteville)
Team scores — 1.Platteville 72, 2.Cuba City 40, 3.River Ridge 39, 4.Cassville 20.
Platteville’s top finishers
2x3,200 relay — 1.Platteville (Vince Momot, David Hahn) 21:24.08. 2x100 relay — 2.Platteville (Alvaro Plaza, Alex Niehaus) 24.05, 4x100 relay — 1.Platteville (Plaza, Derek Schambow, Niehaus, Ben Kroll) 45.64. 4x400 relay — 1.Platteville (Cullen Bryla, Ben Bahr, Tanner Ames, Niehaus) 3:41.30. 4x800 relay — 1.Platteville (Hahn, Momot, Bahr, Bryla) 8:40.57. 800 sprint medley relay — 1.Platteville (Plaza, Schambow, Kroll, Bahr) 1:39.56. 1,600 distance medley relay — 1.Platteville (Kroll, Jake Baker, Ames, Bryla) 3:55.61. 2x110 shuttle hurdle relay — 1.Platteville (Matt Gooney, Nate Schreck) 35.69. High jump — 1.Platteville (Blake Wagner, Schreck) 11–4. Pole vault — 1(tie).Platteville (Bahr, Momot) 21–6. Long jump — 1.Platteville (Schambow, Plaza) 38–10. Triple jump — 1.Platteville (Schambow, Chance Kupersmith) 72–1. Shot put — 2.Platteville (John Skubal, Ryan Weber) 84–3. Discus — 2.Platteville (Skubal, Weber) 257–1. Quadrathalon — 3.Jeremy Rako (Platteville) 2,030 points.
Team scores — 1.Platteville 72, 2.River Ridge 45, 3.Cuba City 35, 4.Cassville 17.
Platteville’s top finishers
2x3,200 relay — 1.Platteville (Emma Wilson, Rachael Schwarzman) 26:26.34. 2x100 relay — 1.Platteville (Allie Serres, Maggie Durni) 27.08, 4x100 relay — 1.Platteville (Durni, Melanie Schaefer, Sarah Burton, Elisa Bahr) 55.78. 4x400 relay — 2.Platteville (Holly Kasper, Bahr, Burton, Serres) 4:35.14. 4x800 relay — 2.Platteville (Holly Kasper, Wilson, Sxhwarzman, Eramis Momchilovich) 11:04.98. 800 sprint medley relay — 1.Platteville (Durni, Schaefer, Bahr, Serres) 1:59.49. 1,600 distance medley relay — 1.Platteville (Julia Evans, Burton, Noah Hoeper, Momchilovich) 5:02.53. 2x100 shuttle hurdle relay — 1.Platteville (Evans, Ashley Budden) 36.54. High jump — 1.Platteville (Faye Bailie, Evans) 9–11. Pole vault — 1.Platteville (Danielle Jentz, Schaefer) 17–0. Long jump — 2.Platteville (Serres, Budden) 29–10.5. Triple jump — 2.Platteville (Jentz, Vanessa Woodworth) 56–7.5. Shot put — 2.Platteville (Emily Olson, Jentz) 57–10.5. Discus — 2.Platteville (Olson, Cora Cornett) 123–11. Quadrathalon — 1.Stephanie Philipps (Platteville) 2,110 points.

Lancaster Invitational
(from Monday, April 22 @ Lancaster)
Team scores — 1.Platteville 182, 2.Lancaster 137, 3.Dodgeville/Mineral Point 125, 4.Darlington 80, 5.Cuba City 60, 6.Prairie du Chien 45, 7.River Valley 35, 8.Belmont 28.
Platteville’s top finishers
100 — 1.Alvaro Plaza 12.09, 3.Trevor Oaks 12.25. 200 — 1.Ben Kroll 23.90, 3.Jake Baker 24.31. 400 — 3.Ben Bahr 52.12, 5.Tanner Ames 55.14. 800 — 5.Cullen Bryla 2:09.95, 6.Colton Henry 2:11.63. 3,200 — 1.Vince Momot 10:26.26. 110 hurdles — 3.Nate Schreck 17.15, 4.Matt Goodney 17.88. 300 hurdles — 3.Goodney 45.17. 4x100 relay — 1.Platteville (Oaks, Plaza, Alex Niehaus, Kroll) 45.15. 4x200 relay — 1.Platteville (Oaks, Plaza, Niehaus, Kroll) 1:35.03. 4x400 relay — 1.Platteville (Ben Bahr, Bryla, Niehaus, Ames) 3:31.89. 4x800 relay — 1.Platteville (David Hahn, Bahr, Bryla, Momot) 8:23.94. High jump — 3.Nate Schreck 5–8. Pole vault — 1.Bahr 12–6. Long jump — 2.Derek Schambow 20–6.5, 3.Plaza 20–0.75. Triple jump — 2.Schambow 40–10.25. Shot put — 3.John Skubal 43–6.50. Discus — 3.Ryan Weber 138–4, 4.Skubal 138–2.
Team scores — 1.Platteville 172, 1(tie).Dodgeville/Mineral Point 127, 3.Darlington 91.5, 4.Cuba City 78, 5.River Valley 76.5, 6.Lancaster 74, 7.Belmont 63, 8.Prairie du Chien 43.
Platteville’s top finishers
100 — 1.Allie Serres 13.69, 4.Maggie Durni 14.08. 200 — 1.Serres 27.85. 400 — 1.Serres 1:02.63. 1,600 — 4.Emma Wilson 6:02.73. 3,200 — 3.Rachael Schwarzman 13:04.86. 100 hurdles — 2.Julia Evans 18.29, 6.Danielle Jentz 19.18. 300 hurdles — 6.Ashley Budden 55.62. 4x100 relay — 3.Platteville (Melanie Schaefer, Durni, Evans, Elisa Bahr) 55.11. 4x200 relay — 5.Platteville (Evans, Durni, Schaefer, Bahr) 2:00.00. 4x400 relay — 6.Platteville (Noah Hoeper, Sarah Burton, Eramis Momchilovich, Stephani Philipps) 4:44.30. 4x800 relay — 4.Platteville (Rachael Demaree, Wilson, Schwarzman, McKenzie Scanlan) 11:19.84. High jump — 2.Faye Bailie 5–0, 3(tie).Evans 4–10. Pole vault — 1.Jentz 9–6, 3.Schaefer 8–6, 4.Bahr 8–0. Long jump — 6.Serres 15–1. Triple jump — 6.Jentz 29–7.75.