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Woods' journey: From home school to Hillsboro High
zeffie woods
Hillsboro High School Class of 2014 Valedictorian Zeffie Woods - photo by Jack Knowles photo

Congratulations to Zeffie Woods, the Valedictorian of Hillsboro High School’s  Class of 2014. She is the daughter of Steve and Karin Woods.

Zeffie came to HHS after being home schooled by her mother. She previously lived in Yuba but now enjoys Hillsboro as her hometown.

She has four brothers and sisters, all of whom have names beginning with Z.....  Zea, Zane, Zachary, and Zoe.

She faced a confusing challenge in order to be sure that she had all the necessary class credits while continuing her education journey in the Hillsboro School District. Zeffie credits Principal Greg Zimmerman and Guidance Counselor Kelli

Sullivan for supplying the correct road map and offering plenty of encouragement.

In recalling the overall aspects of her education so far, Zeffie feels that her years in school were very valuable but she also learned plenty at home. In addition, she developed an ability to study many things through her own initiative.

She enjoyed just about all the classes at HHS and, of course, had her own favorite teachers, other than Mom and Dad.

Junior High math teacher Mrs. McCann and Mrs. Freitag, who teaches algebra and chemistry, are ranked very high with Zeffie. Other classes she enjoyed very much were global studies, civics, and economics with Mr. Bothe.

Extracurricular activities included Drama Club, Forensics team, FFA during her junior year, and the school play.
In addition, she was active in the 4-H Club as Vice President, Reporter, and Historian.

And, somehow, she found the time to take piano lessons and a dance-ballet class.

Zeffie will major in Elementary Education at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota. She hopes to eventually be able to bring some of the educational aspects she learned from home schooling into a public school setting.

She also values the things she learned while volunteering with the Plus One program that is offered after the regular school day.

Zeffie enjoyed helping the children with their homework, and especially liked using the flash cards with them.

She will definitely be missed by the Plus One students, but someday is sure to be very popular with other youngsters who appreciate someone who has captured the ability to make learning fun.will be in a Pre-Med Program with the hope of becoming a pediatric or orthopedic doctor.