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Glenn Blum remembered by brother
Glenn Blum

In May 2005, the Blum family  remembered Lt. Glenn Blum, who was a navigator in the 336th Bombing Group of Lake Charles, La. “Navigation was his specialty - he was trained if necessary to fly by means of the stars to plot his course,” stated his younger brother, Stan, who wrote a story about Glenn, who died July 14, 1944.

    Glenn was part of a six-person crew on an A-26 bomber. A smaller, midsized plane, it was the job of the A-26 to clear the road for the B-24s and B-29, the heavy bombers.

    Stan recalls the trip home of his brother, his final trip back from the lines. How the train made a special stop, coasting in to reduce the noise. He recalled how his brother’s casket sat in the family parlor, long lines from the community outside the home waiting to pay their respect. There was the funeral, which had to be held in the school gymnasium to handle all of the people. But mostly he remembered how much his brother meant to him.

    “He had made the supreme sacrifice for his country,” Stan writes. “My mind replayed our past - we were always together. We played as kids and went to the same school....He taught me many things. I am losing the best friend I ever had,” Stan recalled thinking as Glenn’s body was lowered into the ground.

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