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Story incorrectly attributed to another
Named person did not submit it under their name
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UPDATE - Dec. 10 - A funny thing happened when the Dec. 6 edition of The Boscobel Dial was being put together.

Actually, it is not funny at all, and was our error, as it turns out, and we apologize..

Printed in the newspaper was an essay about the loss of the family farm and how the countryside was quiet. The story was attributed Scott Boylen. Trouble is it was not written by Scott Boylen, nor was it actually submitted by him either.

The true author of the piece, Jeff Limmex, had posted the essay on Facebook on Nov. 20. Dial staff, since being informed of the issue with the authorship of the essay, have been in touch with the Boylen and Limmex families.

Turns out that the item was originally taken from a shared post of the item, and as it was being handled to put into the newspaper, it was incorrectly attributed to Boylen. The initial idea - that it was submtted under a false name by someone else - was incorrectly reported as we were trying to figure out what happened, and later determined what the true problem was.

Details about what happened will be updated in the following The Boscobel Dial.