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Watershed Council offers resources for graziers
Tainter Creek Watershed map

CRAWFORD AND VERNON COUNTIES - Are you interested in improving your land or farm? Well-managed grazing can dramatically improve the quality of your land and soil while increasing profitability.

Valley Stewardship Network – in partnership with the Tainter Creek Farmer-Led Watershed Council and the Pasture Project at the Wallace Center – is excited to announce the Tainter Creek Grazing Project. This three-year project provides grazing resources and education to support regenerative grazing in the watershed.

The project goal is to work with farmers and landowners in the Tainter Creek watershed to directly reduce nutrient and sediment loss through adoption of regenerative grazing practices. Examples of supported practices include conversion of cropland to pasture, transition from continuous to rotational grazing, and the use of cover crops as forage.

This project applies to:

• Graziers interested in expanding or moving toward rotational grazing

• Graziers interested in grazing cover crops

• Crop farmers interested in partial conversion to pasture

• Crop farmers who would allow a grazier to graze cover crops

• New producers hoping to get started in grazing

• Non-farming landowners open to leasing their land for regenerative grazing

This project pays for:

• Consulting on whole-farm profit management

• Whole-farm planning

• Regenerative grazing system plans

• Cost-share support for eligible practices (fencing, watering systems, pasture renovation, cropland to pasture conversion, cover crop seed costs)

• On-going technical assistance on grazing management

• Opportunities for education and training

For more information contact: Matt Emslie or Monique Hassman, Valley Stewardship Network, 110 S. Main St., Viroqua WI 54665, 608-637-3615